Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day at Bangsar Village

Holaaaa! How are you pretties and handsomes? Do you miss me? Admit it, I know you do :P. Okay la, show you my big face in case you forget me :O. 

For ages I never really update about my life dy. Imma very lazy and totally not productive for months, especially this semester. Seriously, the previous semester was the most hectic semester I have been through so far. 6 major subjects in a semester is really very busy and tiring. Endless of assignments and tests during the mid-semester. 6 papers for final in two weeks was really killing me. For nearly a month, my time was completely upside-down. Luckily I managed to join my childhood friends for a 4days 3nights trip to Kuching before final which energized and kept me alive till today. Took a lot of awesome and beautiful, satisfying photos during the trip *at least to me, tho everyone has different perspective of photography*. Be patient dear, I will try to blog about it after clearing off my out-dated post. Some of the photos I took already posted on my instagram, check out at @camylau. :)

Oh yea! Hello to my a month sem break! *although left 3 weeks only*

Had a date with my darling, Melissa at Bangsar Village 32493874months ago. I always wanted to blog about this but I got distracted to do something else too easily. So here you go...

Disclaimer : Lots of pattern and vain photos! You may close now if you dislike.
got feel lehhh. *hello mel, wave wave*
at Plan B for our brunch!

Scoping handsome guy before we start eating! *just kidding :P*

*cough cough* I got no idea why I was looking at my food. Maybe cause I was craving for it badly? or I was too hungry? Aiya, as conclusion, pattern banyak.

oh my yummy Carbonara!

Head on to Coffea Coffee after our brunch.
Actually Mel was supposed to study for her final, I followed to buat kacao.

Mel the coffee addict's Caramel Latte

a got feel photo of me :P *perasan

then a potato surprised us!

She dropped by for 15minutes before she went back to Penang!

took more than a hundred photos with her i5s in just 15minutes :P never give a girl your phone if she is in a vain mood, your photo album will be boomed!

*wait wait, i wasnt' ready with cute post yet*

 Imma ready now!

Played with her fisheye lens!

oh muacks muacks.

Weee. Hugs from both of them!


and kiss kiss! oh Mel look like wanna punch someone.

Finally a proper one. 

back to go crazy again!

Look at Mel! I think she really x syok someone that day! 

Xuan was caught vaining alone behind!

#1 Frog faces

#2 shocked faces

#3 weird faces

The kind waiter helped us took this! The desk proved that Mel really studied kay.

The smart Camy actually left my notes with Mel which I got final after 2 or 3 weeks too and only realised it was I was in the Rapid on the way back to Sg Long. :/
It's been quite some times since three of us get to hang out together. Imissthem D:

p/s : Late post better than none kay? Dont scold me when you both read this :P

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AnnTan said...

hahah i didnt expect so muchhhh selfie :D

Maple Shuh Hong said...

wow~~ interesting ler~~ I also always wanted to blog but in the end, got distracted by sth else.~~

Nicole Yie said...

U girls are so cute Haha

Rachael Teoh said...

I was expecting to see food pictures from Plan B but ended up scrolling through so many cute selfies. tsk tsk :P

Carinn Tan said...

Hhaha you girls are so cute!

Carinn Tan said...
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Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Hahaha selfies overload! XD

henry tan said...

wow very happening leh you! hahah

Henry Lee said...

eh, u were in bangsar? haha... so cute la u guys :)

HerYuan Lau said...

AnnTan, haha now u know :P
Maple, hahahah me too! *high 5
Nicole, thanksss
Rachael, hahahah thanks :P I know we are cute :P
Carinn, haha thankss
Charmaine, hehe shhhh
Henry Tan, thanks :P
Henry Lee, haha yeahh. thanks

Billy Toh said...

That's a lot of selfie there. Nice place to hang around as well. :)

Shirley Tay said...

Hahaha! So many pretty faces!

Shirley Tay said...

Hahaha! So many pretty faces!

HerYuan Lau said...

Billy, yeah exactly!
Shirley, haha thanks! :D