Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Bakery @ Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang

Hello pretties and handsome sekalian! :D
How's your day? Have you taken your meal? Are you feeling full now? 
No matter what, I think that you will have the love/hate feeling towards me after reading this blogpost, but it's okay dear, Imma still gonna tempt you. :P

Let me bring you to The Bakery @ Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang. You will definitely love the place because it has various kinds of yummy desserts and the environment there is really cozy.

note that Sarkies Corner is at the heritage wing.

Look! All the cakes and desserts are waving at you, dessert lovers! :D
Put your hands up if you love desserts! I bet most of you do. ;)

The Bakery - Cakes and Pastries Straight from the Oven! 

The Bakery operates daily from 11am to 9pm at RM12++ per slice of cake. Order a cup of hot beverage with a slice of cake from the pastry counter and you can enjoy the deal at RM18++. The deal is valid for dine-in only. They have Happy Hour which you can enjoy 50% off bakery items from 6pm onwards. In other words, they will not serve overnight leftover desserts!

Baked Cheese Cake
Looking at the colourful decoration itself already makes me feel happy! The cheese taste just right, wouldn't feel greasy at all.

Instead of using cocoa powder as the topping like those typical tiramisu, the chef used thin slices of chocolate as the topping!

Chocolate Banana Cake
Chocolate and banana is always one of the best combination. It tastes really good and the combination is just right to my liking.

Dark Chocolate Mousse
This is my favorite of all! So excited when I see this cause I am a loyal chocolate fans! I love it cause the chocolate taste just right, not too sweet nor too bitter(cause it's dark chocolate). It makes me feel so happy after eating it, chocolate is always the best solution to cheer me!

Mango Chill Cheese Cake
Fyi, I am also a mango lover! Loving the smooth and soft cheese with mango topping, also it doesn't makes you feel greasy at all. :)


For those that like sweet and sour desserts. The sour strawberries and blueberries as the topping and the crust below is crispy outside but soft and sweet inside. 

Lemon Meringue

Choc Eclair and Berry Pavlova
I like the Choc Eclair too! Chocolate and strawberry is also a perfect combination. 

Hazelnut Cream Puff



Scones with raisins.

Chef Naza told us that his objective is simple, to let us enjoy eating the cake even till the last scope. He also emphasized that he used more fruits, less egg white and high quality ingredients to make all the cakes and desserts. 

The Bakery, Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang
10 Lebuh Farquhar, 
10200 Georgetown, 
Pulau Pinang 
Tel: 04-222 2000


Rachael Teoh said...

First is Henry, Amber then now it's you.... endless temptations! Went to E&O for buffet before but never knew that they actually offers so many desserts.

Shirley Tay said...

Oh wow, you certainly got me excited! Wish I were there....

Mindy Fan said...

ohh my gosh!!I am about to eat dinner and this post made me so hungry for dessert!

That baked cheese cake and mango cheesecake look so good!!

AnnTan said...

i think i lau nua at the tiramisu .___.
why?? why penang got so many nice foooddd and im stuck here haha'

Evelyn Wann said...

My favourite is those Danish assorted pastry!! Why is Penang so

Cindy Tong said...

wow wow all food look so yummy!!i wan the prawn mee....the prawn so big!

HerYuan Lau said...

Racheal Teoh, hahahha cant help it. too yummy :D
Shirley, faster come! haha
Mindy, yeah yeah, its good!
AnnTan, then come penang more often!
Evelyn, yeahhhh! hahaha faster fly here!
Cindy, exactlyyyy!