Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lumut 3 Days 2 Nights Trip!

Lumut trip with my family and Carmun back on the first 3 days of March. 
Missing my little sister :( She wasn't with us for this trip.

Day 1 - 1st March
that tired face cause didn't sleep the night before because of test. :/
took ETS at KL Sentral with Carmun after test. 
Parents picked us up at Batu Gajah station and off we go for seafood dinner at Setiawan. Sorry no pictures for food cause I was too hungry and swallowed them all :P.

loyal supporter of Swiss Garden
Daddy booked Villa this time cause it seems huge and awesome! :D

my hot mama

daddy did a cute pose but I missed it, end up got this photo only :/

Day 2 - 2nd March
look so much better today after having enough sleep :D

bro and mom
at place for lunch :D

daddy looking so serious here :O

红酒面线 Red Wine Noodles.
went once previously and brought my family there to try out cause I crave for it!

 豪煎 fried oyster
crispy crispy fried oyster!

peekaboo! #vain 1
while waiting for mommy to shop at the store.

#vain 2

#vain 3

#vain 4

went back to the hotel to swim! :D
off for seafood dinner again after swimming with family.

with or without specs? 

dinner at 双城海鲜.

药材田鸡 herbal frog.
oh nomnomnom. ilovethis :D

all time favourite- crab!

麦片赖尿虾 fried mantis shrimp with oat.

my pretty mommy :D
she then played with my DSLR and became the photographer of that night.

le brother.
handsome not? :P

why my dad always look serious in photo? :/


yours truly.

Our trip ended on 3rd March.
We went back after brunch on day 3.
Mommy was rushing us cause she has work. We had Bak Kut Teh that don't taste good. :/
They dropped us at Batu Garjah ETS station at 12.30pm and our train was 3.30pm. Ended up Carmun and I were watching <<来自星星的你>> - My Love from The Star at the train station.

It's getting harder for us to plan for trips cause my siblings and I have different time for semester break. Looking forward for the next family trip tho! I Love to Travel!

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Smallnhot Sarah said...

Looking like a fun trip.. It has been long since I have trip like this...:D

Nicole Yie said...

Your mom so cute! Haha and the foods x.x

Megumi K said...

I want the red wine noodlessssss

Henry Tan said...

really supporter of swiss garden! i also wanna go join member ad! hehe

Ken said...

All your family members share the same white-teeth-smiley face 1 lol

AnnTan said...

Lumut ! the food is like heaaaven , i still remember i ate the red wine noodles , it was so weird to me haha,

HerYuan Lau said...

Sarah, yeah. it was very fun! go jio ur family now!
Nicole Yie, i know right. i think she's cute too! :D
Megumi, go get it at setiawan, really very good!
Henry, hahaha yeahh. cause member ma, dont use then waste, go ahead!
Ken, hahaha our genes
AnnTan, i know rightt! i love it wor! :D

Shirley Tay said...

Love your family shots, Camy! The food pix are making me so hungry.......

HerYuan Lau said...

Shirley, thankss :D