Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Year Eve Party 2013!

#1 New Year Eve Party 2013 with my high schoolmates!

Another super duper postponed post :O. Spent the last day of my 2013 and first day of 2014 with those crazy peeps. It was an extremely fun night especially when everyone got high during midnight. We planned for a sleepover party before everyone get back to different places for studies and cause it was too late for us to plan for a trip in 2014. Genting trip with them back in 2013.

Let the pictures do the talking :D *captions wasn't what exactly happened that night
#2 Featuring Chee Yang! Say Hi to him!!!
He has been complaining that his face doesn't appear in my blog for a long time and even asked to my create a blogpost specially to promote him. I believe that I do not need to promote him now anymore. Chee Yang,  happy dy??? Your instagram is way too sweet, too much ants on my phone dy, so featuring you in this blogpost is already more than enough. :P 

#3 At gurney drive, after tea time, movie and dinner.

#4 trying to squeeze 5 heads in with my short hand. Find a spot to be in the photo yourself easier lar..

#5 too early for fireworks, so off we go to the silent paragon mall.

#6 failed act cool post with Merv!

#7 to complete whose face is fatter with my snow white :P

#8 pretty Chee Yang :D

#9 group pic before we off to party outside the paragon mall! It's just like a open air club for us to get high!!

#10 they always say that I am Blur Queen, finally I know whyy.....

#11 plainly cause I wanna prove that I am not a Blur Queen by showing how big my eyes can be. hehhhhh :P

#12 Merv and WT trying to act cute here, I think I got high even before drinking dy :O

#13 half face, pretty white face, fat face.

#14 Chee Yang wondering what's wrong with these two girls and their fat face post. :P

#15 okay lar, let you rest a while with this photo with pretty faces :D *perasan*

#16 opps, show off our white teeth with ugly face

#17 promoting for Colgate, who wanna find them as ambassador?

#18 last pic there before fireworks and balik rumah!

#19 Pak and Adrian! Joined us later for midnight party.. :D

#20 Hilary too!!!!

#21 I look like a red tomato! round round round!

#22 forever with her epic post.

#23 why no me??

#24 Adrian winking at you, yes you!

#25 Look like Sadako right?

#26 gave up to be Sadako cause too tired de..

#27 ...........................................................................

#28 Conclusion : hypothesis is accepted. WT's face is too big that he successfully covered us.

#29 another Chee Yang's pretty face.

#30 group photo! Hilary the photographer. Chee Yang why you sleep when people taking group photo?!

sorry if I make you feel annoyed with ugly photos.
now only I realise, too many of my fat face post

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Evelyn Wann said...

wow treasure this precious friendship you have.

♥ HiLaRy said...

LOL !! already three months passed d now only this blog post come out xD good times good times ! :D

HerYuan Lau said...

Evelyn, sureee! i do treasure it alot! :D
Hilary, teeheeeee. cause i miss it :P cant' wait for our next play day? :P

Mindy Fan said...

ohh you guys look like you have such a nice friendship!! You all look so happy in the photos!! =)


btw- one of your friends (the guy in red in the last few photos looks like Mike he!!!)

HerYuan Lau said...

Mindy, yes, they are awesome. seriously? omggggg