Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Left Turn.

I have been quite emotional for the past few days after my roommate went back to Penang last Wednesday. It been quite some time since I last wrote a emotional post. I usually annoy my housemates with silly stuffs whenever I don't l alright. To be frank, I prefer and used to stay in a noisy environment than a completely silent house. 

"When things don't go right, go left" 

Things have not been going right ever since I came to Sg Long. When one problem hasn't solve, another one popped out. Problems just came one after another. The worst part is that I have to solve them all by myself. Are they trying to test my patience level? 

Daddy wants me to learn to be independent, thus, he try not to get involve. Threw most of the matters here for me to settle and kept reminding me that I have to face them all in the future too. He usually only guides me on the ways to solve the problems, and his help is the last choice among those ways. Only to back me up when I was totally helpless. Still, I really appreciate that he has been phoning me countless times to teach guide and teach me patiently all the time.

What annoys me most is that I have been facing a super troublesome, ridiculous, unreasonable lady all this while. I still don't want to disclose this particular huge matter as it is not solved yet. I will blog about the details and the lesson learned once it is solved. I can't wait to meet her soon and settle it as fast as possible. It has been bothering me since the starting of this semester. :( 

To be out of the comfort zone, face every difficulties all by myself, sometimes I really wonder why did I choose to come to this scary, complicated city in the first place. I really miss Penang. :(

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Constance Ant said...

don't really know what you're going through but *hugggs* hope you're doing fine babe!

Cindy Tong said...

it's just part of life dear!!stay strong kay??? I believe you can overcome this!

Suki said...

Cheer up dear! Put the shit out[lyn taught me this XD] and walk the path with courage.
Update me after finals.
U will always have me, lyn and han this 3 crazy frens :D :D <3 <3

Leonard Ash said...

maybe it's also a chance for you to learn how to cope with all these problem by yourself. People like this appear from time to time, all we have to do is to learn how to deal with them and that's it. Good luck for your finals and to your unsolved problem too, fellow utarian :)

lyn said...

hey pretty! if it makes you feel better, you're not the only one my dear. sadly, annoying shit ppl do exist in this world. you either ignore, avoid, or confront. think of life happenings as simple as you possibly can :))
btw, i DID NOT teach suki to put the shit out
cheers. lotta loves <3

AnnTan said...

): hope you solve the problem soon,
hope to know what happen~
lai i sayang sayang hahaha (:

Henry Tan said...

jia you camy! yuppp! everything is gonna be alright! if is not, it is not the end yet!
you can do it! =D

Mindy Fan said...

I'm not sure exactly what you are going through, but hang on! Things will get better =) I hope you solve your issues soon and you are so brave for moving so far on your own!! It's something I want to do so badly, but am scared too!!
*hugs* Good lucky and stay strong =)


HerYuan Lau said...

Constance, thanks babe! <3 sure. am alright already :D
Cindy, thanks! sure i will! :D
Suki, teeheeeee <3 <3
Leonard, exactlyyy, so many diff kind of people and i only meet like small little part of them. quite tiring tho. but its life. thanks anyway :D
lyn, tau lar tau larrr. thanks :P
AnTan, thankss. awwwww. *sayang sayang too :D
Henry, hahaha thanks henry! sure i will! :P
Mindy Fan, need alot of courage tho! take ur time and all the best to u too! :D