Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Date at The Alley Cafe!

Ain't we both look cute? :P but we should have get closer for a cuter photo. teeheee

Have a date with my lesbian partner(her boyf so gonna kill me if he read this :O) on the 2nd day of 2014 before she went back to KL for her new sem. If you follow my blog, you probably see her till sien dy :P. Missing the small girl anyway, I don't remember where she went that day :O. 

Sorry if i didn't write much in this post cause must save my brain for final. :/

She suggested to go The Alley Cafe for Churros! 
Cafe in Penang is the best place to chill and crap all day long with friends. Oh, imma homesick again! Can't wait for Sem break! 1 more week to go! :D

Yours truly. :D

my pretty darl :D

Churros with Nutella and Caramel Dips!
I miss the cripsy but fluffy churros now! Especially love it with Nutella dips! Everything with Nutella is awesome! :D

Her Love towards Coffee. Camy's brilliant idea :D
Mel's Caramel Latte.

a very very sincere kiss from me. :*

a proper vain photo of us.
You can close the tab now if you don't wanna see lots of vain photos. We make used of the resources(wooden signboard) they provided okayy.. :P

Celebrated our anniversary there.
nahhh, just kidding :P. I don't remember when is the date I met her dy.

Nahh, for those who keep saying Bo Jio! Here's one for you!
Opps, my double chin :/

guilty of having too much good fattening food when I was back in Penang :P

I used to say blueks in almost every of the conversation back in secondary. :O

She guilty of bo jio-ing you :P

You would have seen this if you read my It's Valentine Day post!

She post so much better than I do.
Cause sheismadlyinlovewithherbf and immaforeveralone :(

This is so suitable for her. Coffee Addict.

I was forced to take this lenglui signboard and snap! So a :( since I am not a Leng Lui...

her #potd

was caught vaining! :O

Till here. xoxo :)


Ken said...

Never see you date me also :(

Hilda Milda™ said...

You looked like you were forced to kiss her :P Should show a 'xing fu' face AHAHAHA

AnnTan said...

so sweet lah you two

Smartan Dad said...


Smallnhot Sarah said...

You guys look so cute ! hahaha.. BO JIO ! FAT DIE ME ! :)

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

BOJIO!!! >__<
When you wanna date me??

HerYuan Lau said...

Ken, i never go out with u meh?
Hilda, hahaha okay, next time i try arr :P
AnnTan, awwww. dont jelly arr :P
Smartan Dad, thanks :D
SmallnHot, hahahah cute right. :P the board also very funny
Charmaine, hahahah kia kia kia :P