Friday, March 14, 2014

CNY 2014!!

Finally finished off some of the tests that I can finally get back here and crap. Feels so good sitting in the living room with housemates and together we enjoy ourselves watching movies on our lappie. I still have to submit my assignments and tests in the coming weeks tho :(. 

The haze is so bad today that hardly can see the view outside. I think my life is shorter by few years thanks to the haze. My throat is so dry now, imma dont want to fall sick or voiceless :(. Sis already fall sick for a few days. Got to drink more water!!

CNY already over for a month but its okay, a delayed post is better than none! Sorry for the low quality photo cause too lazy to take out my dslr. hehehe :X

#ootd or #cotd *Camy of the dayyy! hahaha* on the first day of CNY.
Finally owned a skirt besides secondary school skirt after x348769283 years. I have decided to dress a little girly for this year CNY cause too many people complained that I'm too boyish. Even my lecturer claimed that I am a boy today and asked me to be more girly so that I can only get a boyf :/. BUT only for CNY or special occasion kay? Please mention if you want to see me wearing skirt of dress when you want to date me. Then I will consider kay? :P

#ootd and #cotd on the CNY eve.
wanna post this plainly cause I think my legs look not so fat here! at least compare to real life kay? hahahaha :P

with my baby sister. 
Sorry if I scare you, pretty face is too mainstream lar. Silly face cuter isn't it? :P

everyone was so happy!
It is compulsory (not exactly lar, cause Seremban is too boring, so my siblings and I followed every year) to go this Gong Gong and Po Po's house on the first day of CNY every year. According to my dad, when he was in secondary, they always come to this Gong Gong and Po Po's house to gamble. So it became their culture to meet at this house on the first day of CNY every year. We, kids rarely close together cause we only meet each other once a year. :/ *Note that you cant spot those uncles cause they were too busy playing Mahjong and Poker Cards.

oh pretty girls :P. *banyak perasan* from the left, yours truly, my sis, Denise and Daphne!
They are the kids that I can crap most together compared to others xD. 

Vain time with cousins back to grandparents' house at night.

this photo is too cute! Look at my sis and cousin. 
My aunt is too yeng that she gave my cousin such cool name! Her name is 亿亿 which is billion billion if directly translate to english. Calling her is like calling a billionaire or saying money money come. :P

#ootd and #cotd otw back Penang.
Back to the swag style on the third day of CNY. I this top cause its too comfy, warm and swag like this. :P
Came back Penang on the third day of CNY to meet my teachers and friends cause school started early this year.

Early morning on the Fifth day of CNY, visited my tuition teacher with my tuition-mates.

Second year visit my primary school teacher during CNY!
Hope that we can continue this culture as long as we can.

Since my sis has a cute photo with my cousin, I must more lose to her! I have a cute photo with my niece too! :P
I got no idea why I was showing a peace to her, she must be wondering why this Jie Jie so vain :O

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Czarina Mae said...

Nice outfits! I've tried house visiting during CNY this year too (I don't celebrate but my boyfriend's family invited me :)) and it was lots of fun! :)

Anyway, yeah the haze is really bad especially during the day. Drink lots of water!

Stephanie G said...

cute photos!

Cindy Tong said...

so much fun ah ur cny!!!!! n u look like vy happy!!

Smartan Dad said...

Great to see you having so much fun during CNY! :)

AnnTan said...

ahahaha very late post but after reading it i still can feel cny atmosphere from here hee

AnnTan said...

ahahaha very late post but after reading it i still can feel cny atmosphere from here hee

Smallnhot Sarah said...

Your sis and cousin look very cute with the pacifier !! :D

Nur Hana Law said...

Haha, ya la har. Late post better than didn't post at all. My cny post also until now haven't write and post it. Thinking of they already out of date to be post. Maybe I should reconsider also.

Mindy Fan said...

These are such nice outfits!! I wish I was in Asia for CNY because it looks like such a celebration there! We don't do much here.. in fact I still have school haha! You are so lucky and yo ulook like you are having a lot of fun with your family! =)

Smartan Dad said...

Nice outfit too!

Evelyn Wann said...

Exactly!! Wear more skirt or dress =D and...the last picture is cute!!

HerYuan Lau said...

Czarina Mae, thanksss! its fun meeting relative tho. u too! drink more water!
Stephanie G, thankss :D
Cindy, okay lar not so bad :D
Smartan Dad, thankss :D
AnnTan. hhehehe 11 months to CNY!
SmallnHOt, hahaha i know rightt!
NurHana Law, maybe u should post now?
Mindy, thanksss. i wish to go NY :(
Evelyn, i try arrrr. :P thankss

Natasha Ting said...

with those legs you could definitely wear some skirt. ...silent sigh.