Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dip n Dip - A Taste Will Make You :)

 *a very cute photo credit to Xuan the photographer aka the photo editor. :P*

Welcome my dearest vain queen to the busy town, Kay-Elle!!!
If you follow my blog, you definitely know who she is. Too many posts of Xuan and her dy, they are way too syok sendiri that everytime go out, we definitely vain a lot. :P If you dont or new to my blog, let me introduce to you the pretty loudspeaker- Melissa! 

She is now studying in UCSI at Cheras, which is quite near to my place ar *if I have a car here :(*. Connaught Pasar Malam is just right in front of her uni, imma jealous of her that every Wednesday got nice pasar malam food especially Smelly Tau Fu and Ai Yu Ping! and and, her uni is super near to Midvalley! *Ahem, somebody started flying around de, in first 2 weeks already went to Midvalley so many times dy. tsk tsk....

Jin Wee, yours truly, Mel

That girl is so lucky that on the first day she moved into her hostel, haven't even stay a night there yet, we already bring her out. All thanks to Jin Wee for bringing us out, driving us around! :D It's so zhun that he  found Sg Long few days before my birthday and told me when he wished me. Weeee!

Our initial plan was to Midvalley, but parking lots were mostly full that end up Jin Wee just drove off to Sunway Pyramid. We had our lunch at Carls Jr, meet up with Sunway peeps. Then hang around to get what Mel needs until evening, then off we go to Dip n Dip!
We found our way to Dip n Dip! :D
it's quite difficult to find parking there, we went for at least 3 rounds and end up we were so lucky that we got a parking right in front of Dip n Dip!

again we were so lucky that once we were seated, people started queuing outside. :X

Brownies Crepe!!! You will surely love it!! it so much!

I stunned right after the brownies crepe sent into my mouth. The next moment, I felt so happy and started smiling like a kid that got food that she love. When the rich thin brownies in between the folded crepes, topped with 3kinds of warm chocolate sent into my mouth, it feels like I'm in heaven especially when it melted!! *I can still remember how I felt* The next thought, "Why on earth got such good food??". The combination is just perfect! Mel literally fell in love with the first bite! Jin Wee that afraid if he will get diabetes straight away changed his mind and said it's worth for diabetes! hahaha! He ate halfway and smile suddenly cause he said that it's too good! Siao liaoo.  

Btw, I suggest you guys to share the brownies crepe. We ordered 1 only as we were afraid if its not so nice. It turns out that 1 Brownies crepe is just right for 3 person to share as the portion is quite huge and wont feel jilat. I've seen some other table that they order each per person and end up didnt finish it, which i think it's quite waste and eventually the satisfaction level went down lor. (hohoh, applying my econ theory, diminishing marginal utility).

yes yes, A Taste Will Make Us :) You should really try it!

Jin then brought us to Mr DIY before dropped us back. We got back to our hostel with our :D mood cause we really satisfied with the brownies crepe.

p/s: I did not exaggerate lor cause its really that good for us!

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Fione said...

you always have a lot of nice foods which make me hungry whenever i read your blog hahahha.

Smartan Dad said...

Agree with Fione! Haha!

AnnTan said...

awwwh you and your bestie are soo sweet! and wow! the banana crepe its really mouth watering.
i ALMOST went to UCSI to study music though~ haha

Ken said...

The brownies crepe seems good but won't it be too sweet? I'm not a chocolate person haha

Constance Ant said...

wah manyak sinful punya crepe! >.<

Hilda Milda™ said...

Everyone has been raving about this Dip n Dip, but I havent went there myself, probably cause I'm not that big fan of chocolate :P

Evelyn Wann said...

That brownies crepe looks very tempting...I am so tempted to try it.. haha

Maple Shuh Hong said...

uCSI is very near to Mid Valley? how ur friend go to Mv from UCSI?

HenRy LeE said...

ah is that ur twins? hahahah.... wah u also tried the crepe liaw. Seems like it's so famous eh

HerYuan Lau said...

Fione, teeeheeee, drools right?
Smartan, isit a good thing?
AnnTan, hahaha thankss :P waaa, but tey say UCSI for engineering?
Ken, errr it's just right for me :P
Constance, hahahahahhahahahahahahhaha! go workout after that
Hilda,really? then i doubt u like it, cause its all abt chocolate!
Evelyn, go and try!
Maple, errr, ktm i think? or cab
Henry, hahaha we look alike?

Smallnhot Sarah said...

everyone has been fussing abt it but I never get a chance to try yet.. >.<

Kharn Yee said...

The crepe looks very sweet leh!
But the way you describe makes me crave for it liao, so sad Penang does not have. :/

HerYuan Lau said...

smallnhot, u should!! :D
Kharn Yee, go penang and eat it! :P