Sunday, August 18, 2013

Melaka 1 Night Food Trip for Dinner

Hola! Imma back!

ma super vain pic, in case you forget my face :X

Imma very inactive in blogging lately. Apparently my friends complained that they didn't get to read about my life in my blog. They wondered what happened to me in Sg Long :X. Sorry sorry.  

As you know, I've met insane people in Sg Long. Yes, they are INSANE! Back in 28 June, we went all the way to Melaka just for our dinner and supper. *I know imma damn inefficient, delay post for more than a month. :X* Mainly cause we saw the news stating that Jonker Street closing down soon!

Let us go back to 28 June.
gotta admit this, Kampar can always get to watch beautiful sunset. Unlike now :(

First stop for our early dinner - Jonker Street.
frankly speaking, our early dinner there doesnt taste good. So, no photo. :/

people mountain people sea.
Heard that a lot of stalls didnt open cause it suppose to close down de :X

Pui Yee. le blogger. Xiao Fei. :D

hardly get to find them these days!

Kok-Kok shoe! :D

this is suppose to be the front entrance. We went the opposite way. :X

We all got hungry on the way back to the car.
So next stop.
Tong Bee's stall at Jalan Bunga Raya for Lala, Siham and CuttleFish! :D
We sat on tiny stools at the back alley. You might be afraid that it's dirty, but super got feel seating there on the tiny stools and eat. :D Well, only if you can stand it tho.

Lala! my all time favourite!

Siham! My love too :D

the famous cuttle fish with Kangkung! oh Yummyyyy.....

the group picture. :) *cause Oswin claimed that dont have photo of him =.=
Don't worry, non of us experience food poisoning or stomachache after eating here.

Last stop, Roti John Melaka. :)
it's very big portion tho. Didnt eat much of it as I was too full. It's at somewhere near Tong Bee's stall. *didnt exactly remember where isit, as we were tired walking for so long* 

Started our journey at 4 something nearly 5pm and we manage to reach Sg Long at 11.30pm. Yes, crazy like this :X

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Gillian Ong said...

Nom Nom, just looking at it makes me hungry :p

Hilda Milda™ said...

I miss the Lala and the fried stuff for the back alley!

Ken said...

That's student life no? You won't get to experience all these when you are working in the future ;)

Mr Lonely said...

miss the lala and lok lok too~ =D

Adam said...

soda in a glass always tastes better

Kharn Yee said...

I want the cuttlefish with kangkong!!

Smartan Dad said...

Malacca is a nice place. Miss the life there.

Henry Tan said...

very nice photos camy! oh i miss the lala there! >.<

Anne Lee said...

love malacca and its food. I visit malacca very often cause my grandma is there.

Quinn Q said...

FOOD! they make me happy. I have to agree that malacca is a gem ;)

HenRy LeE said...

It's been a while since i last visited Jonker Street... love the snacks there. Not much for the heavy meals tho... penang still the best right?! hahah

Missy Missy said...

love food trips! you certainly had your fun!!!

Carolyn Tay said...

I miss Melaka~ last time I went there was 2 years ago, I miss durian cendol T^T

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

OMG hungry laaa ur photos so tempting! Luckily I'm eating supper now hahaha

Constance Ant said...

i haven't tried that back valley stall before le.. cos it looks unhygienic :/

i have to agree with you that food quality at Jonker Street is quite bad actually. even the 88 also deteriorated. :(

Shirley Tay said...

U're so pretty! Gosh, you reminded me of my last trip there :)

Cindy Tong said...

no cendol n no lok lok geh?

ლ 한효주ლ мïcнєℓℓєвεllε ώαταṉαвε said...

It has Been a long time being in Meleka
Nice Blog ! Follow me if u Can

xiи нui said...

Nice post ! Do try out the mille crepe and satay celup during your next trip to Melaka ! ^^

HerYuan Lau said...

Gillion, hahaha yeshhh! very yummy
Hilda, its niceeee!
Ken, hahaha agreeee! err work can run also ba?
Mr Lonely, go eat it :D
Adam, yeshh agreee!
Kharn Yee, go and try! :D
Smartan Dad, hahaha agree arr. very peaceful! :D
Henry, hohoho thanks
Anne, yeee i wanna try the nadeje! :O
Quinn, High5! food makes me happy too! :D
Henry Lee, agree, dont really like the heavy meal too!
Missy Missy, yuppp! thanks yea :D
Carolyn, woww where is the durian cendol?
Charmaine, teeheee, nice photo rightt
Constance, not all ppl can tahan leee
Shirley, waaa, thanks for ur compliment :X
Cindy, no worrrr
мïcнєℓℓєвεllε ώαταṉαвε, should go back theree!
Xin Hui,i will if i have the chance!

alyssajaren said...

Went to malacca a couple of time, but never set foot in Jonker Street -.- btw nice picturess!!

HerYuan Lau said...

alyssajaren, you should try! thanks :D