Saturday, August 31, 2013

Imma 19!

After 19years of transformation!
Thanks daddy mummy brought me to this world exactly 19years+2days ago :D

My family don't have the trend to celebrate birthday. I was taught that birthday is the day that my mom have to suffer and go through all the pain to born me. So, instead of celebrating, I should do something meaningful. In the previous years, mommy will usually buy stuffs and bring me to give to the old folks home. Neither I celebrate it, unless my friends give me surprises. :X. Maybe cause I don't usually held birthday party, I feel that it's weird inviting people to my birthday party, except when I'm old ba. I'd prefer it to be some random party of gathering. :D. Oh, my mom warn me not to celebrate too as she got into accident right on the night before. Thank god it's just a minor one and she is alright. So, I dare not expect anything.:X. 

Nonetheless, Imma still very thankful to those that put efforts to surprise me and celebrate with me or think of what present to give me :)

Thanks to my housemates surprised me with these 2 cakes and sang birthday song at my door when I was eating egg rolls in my room as my lunch. I was stunned and stared at them for a moment before I started laughing with my egg rolls.

Poh Lin and her bf brought me to have steamboat yesterday night. Thanks for the treat! :D *oh, i was too sien waiting for my soup to boil*
I was totally surprised when she and her assignment group members which I do not know sang birthday song for me while I was taking my porridge from the kitchen. She told me that they can actually hear me singing in my room *cause usually play song in my room, so sing along lo*. Damn, how embarrassing. :$

The awesome sistaaaaa got me a unique present too! *quite lame la actually, dont be too perasan merv :P*

Thanks for all the wishes! :D. The phone calls, texts, tweets and facebook posts and inbox-es. Don't try to scare me that it's my last year of teenage year as it's my last year for 1-. You failed! Imma forever young as long as I dont marry! hahaha!

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks, Thanks again! :D

oh! btw Happy Merdeka!


Mr Lonely said...

Happy Birthday~ Enjoy your moment being young~ =D

Smallnhot Sarah said...

HaPPY birthday Camy ! you are so young !!!! *jealous*

Anne Lee said...

see, got celebration de la!! very envy lo you so young. Anyway, happy birthday again Camy mei mei. :)

HenRy LeE said...

ahaha... u so cute when u're young but now cuter! :D happy birthday again! :)

Wei Wei said...

Hahah. My mom has the same thought too. She prefer to celebrate birthday in low profile or no celebration at all. :D Anyway, Happy Birthday Camy!! Muackss. (:

Ken said...

Happy Belated Birthday again! haha :p

Čღήήϊє LCW said...

happy belated birthday, and yeah you are still very young! :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Still so young, only 19! :P HEHEH

Adam said...

happy birthday

Kharn Yee said...

Happy birthday. Your housemate so sweet! I never held birthday party too, prefer to have just a lunch or dinner with family and friends. A simple birthday is more than enough.Stay young and pretty!

Evelyn Wann said...

Camy, happy belated birthday!! It's so good to be young..haha Enjoy!!

Mindy Fan said...

Happy Belated birthday!!You are so cute in both photos!!
Ihave never held a birthday party either hehe!

Maple Shuh Hong said...

Happy birthday, camy. U r merderka girl?

HerYuan Lau said...

Mr Lonely, thankssss :D
Smallnhot, Thanks pretty!
Anne, hahaha thanks Anne Jie jie :P
Henry, hahahaha waaaa thanks thanks
Wei Wei,same lee. thanksss. muacks :D
Ken, thanks again :P
Connie, thanks yeaaa :D
Hilda, you also vry young ma :P
Adam, thanksss
Kharn yee, agree arr, same case here :)
Evelyn, hahaha thanks yea
Mindy, thanksssss :D
Maple, thankss. err op. 2 days before merdeka

Constance Ant said...

happy birthday babe!!!
better late than never they say :P

HerYuan Lau said...

Constance. haha thanks :P

Anonymous said...

Camy, how have you been?
Now sweet sweet nineteen
Transformed from cute baby
So young, I'm green with envy
To you a happy belated birthday
All the best all the way

HerYuan Lau said...

Anonymous, i'm fineee thankssss