Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pretty fun first week in Sg Long, UTAR

Sorry for the slow update lately, I've been trying to settle down and get myself in the mood to get back with my normal life. It's already Week 2 in my degree life! I already stayed here for a week, Sg Long. I am trying my best to slowly adapt to the environment and culture here.I'm current a degree student in UTAR Sg Long taking Accounting course  :)

This is the view from my room's window. Amazing scenery.
So many huge and nice houses below, my motivation for me to study more and work hard to get house like this! haha! *Camy stop slacking and start studying!

View from another side of my room's windows.
even more huge houses...

right opposite my block. *mini version of my block cause this is older, the block i'm staying now is newer and taller.

Swimming pool when I look down!
doubt i'll go... :X

le campus is just a road away from le condo. 

I like how near my campus is with the place I stay. I can just come back to my room and take a nap during break. Of course, I can sleep few minutes more cause I only takes like less than 5 minutes to reach.

As compared to Kampar campus, this is much more smaller, only 1 cafeteria with super small size lecture halls and tutorial classes. The smaller the campus, the lesser we walk, the lesser we burn our fats, the higher the possibilities to get fatter. To keep ourselves do little exercise, my friend and I sometimes will climb up the staircase (this is just excuses la, main reason is cause too many people waiting for lifts and we are lazy to squeeze with them :X) There was once, we thought climbing up to 5th floor is not a problem, but we forget there is M floor, ended up we need to climb 6 floors! :O

I was shock with the culture here. I'm not sure is it because it's the first week, or maybe the typical KL Kiasu attitude the student have. My friend and I reach class 15min before it starts and it's already FULL! We ended up sat behind the pillar where I couldn't see lecturer at all so I wasn't paying much attention to listen :X. We can even hear other people telling their friends to go earlier, like 30min before. O.o 

bear with me to vain with le DSLR, that's my only equipment I can vain now :X
There is a mirror in my room. Why didnt they put lower?? At least for me to see half of my body la :X

Room I am staying like mehhh.. Owner only provide an huge empty room but dont allow me to share room! ghh! *sorry arr no photo of le room, cause its still messy. What I satisfied staying here most is that I have super friendly and good housemates *unlike kampar*!! Sometimes they'll bring food to my room, especially fruits to share with me. Food face again, tsk tsk. I shall treat them with le chocolate then xP

Speak about food, the food here is super expensive! At least so far what i ate wasnt as bad as Kampar's food tho :X

meet this girl, the piggy Xiao Fei!
get HTC one if u want ur face looks longer :X

Imma super duper grateful thank god that I met her and got the same timetable as her! Who on earth can be so helpful and never ask for any return nowadays?! People like that are extincting, Yes, she is one of the extinct species. She fetched me to banks settle my ptptn stuff after class which she can suppose to be home resting. She scarifies her sleeping time waking up early in the morning and brought me to clinic for vaccination at 8am. She offer to deliver me snowflakes on the hot day. She brought biscuits and rice biscuits for me cause she afraid that I'll get hungry*she didnt eat them u know*. She jio her friends and brought me along to the super long pasar malam cause I told her how much I miss the Smelly Tao Fu there. That girl that refused or lazy to get back money from me that she paid first for me for books. :). Somebody that got really crazy with me like we knew each other for n years although we weren't close at all in Kampar. It's only less than 2 weeks but she already did so much for me. She claims that I broke her record of communicating so much with someone she dont know well. :P Gam dong gam dong. :'). Really appreciate her. ♥♥ you :) *i know sometimes u'll read :P

Le San Yi's family :)

When I was wondering how should I spend my first weekend here, or with who before I took my nap, I received a call.
"Camy, you having class now? What you doing?"
"No le, class ended at 10am. I am lying on my bed wanna took a nap now."
"Oh, free? Want go science centre?"
"Science centre? Can also"
"Okay, prepare and I come fetch you now"

I spent my 3 days weekends here with my aunt and her family. :)
She used to sayang me the most, and I bet still do :)
No photo of science centre but Imma spamming you and ending this post with photos of her kids :)
I swear, her elder son and daughter can use Iphone and Note 2 much better than I do :X

Yii Rui, her eldest son!

Angry Bird freak :X

In Science centre.

Princess Luo Jie with favourite line "NO"!

she said cheese with her peace sign but not looking at my camera. :X

Busy arranging her chess that keep saying cheese and dont bother to look at my camera :(

Finally a pic that she's looking at my camera!
She found a platform at the no entry place, brought me there and started singing and dancing with her super cute cartoon voice like she is at her own concert. melts

Science centre is like a heaven to her, so many things to play!

Her second prince, 室醇

2 months old baby!

He is happy! :D

So far so good over here, looking forward to have fun life here! Gotta think positive so I can really enjoy here. No negative thought, Camy!


~Joeanney~ said...

So nice there's swimming pool, you should utilise it, I wish to have one near my house heh, anyway have fun during your degree life :)

Constance Ant said...

not bad ar..good life in Sg Long eh!

KL is surely more fun than Perak! ;)

Hilda Milda™ said...

I always thought Sg Long is somewhere ulu HAHA but it's in KL! So now you can attend more events eh? (; and yeahh you should utilise the swimming pool!

Adam said...

cool science center

Ken said...

one step further from penang again! haha, but at least its close to KL la and u can find nice stuff there, good luck in your boring and miserable accounting course HAHAHA :P

Cindy Tong said...

got swimming pool not bad ahh!

Shirley Tay said...

Wow, u're staying in a lovely environment! I haven't used my nice pool for the last 3 yrs, such a waste. Lol! Maybe I should start my weekly routine again. All the best to your studies, sweetie! Student life is best!

Isaac Tan said...

hey! you're in KL now, welcome! hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

All the best in your studies
Always fine without any worries
May Almighty God bless you
And you dream house come true

Henry Tan said...

nice! can terus jump down from ur floor to the swimming pool! =p

Yuh Jiun said...

Super nice view lo from your room haha. every weekend also come down KL la :p

Miaw said...

So much different comparing to Kampar life. Anyway, all the best!!

Sycookies said...

Sure does look like a nice place. Looks like you are adapting well...best of luck to you. Enjoy yrself.

Amy said...

Wow, the view is absolutely stunning. What a nice place your'e staying. Hope you'll adopt to the new environment soon. :) And don't forget to have fun while doing it.

Joel Wong said...

HAHA! you took a pic of the block I'm staying in, can see my house summore. but yeah, you should go swim sometime. the water's nice and cooling, especially in this hot weather.

see whether can accidentally bump into each other or not sometimes. haha! have fun in Sg Long!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Wahlau ur place is so nice leh got swimming pool some more!
Swimming can burn more fat u know :D

sally said...

Your condo looks quite attractive leh. Btw, imma accounting student too. First year of degree is very important ah. All the best!! :)

Mr Lonely said...

looks nice~

Meitzeu said...

Have fun in KL!

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HerYuan Lau said...

Joeanney, hahah but lazy to swim. :P thanks
Constance, err okay ne lo. haha yupp, KL got more things :X
Hilda, haha everyone thoguht so too!
Adam, yesss
Ken, hahah yupp :P thanks. uwahhh miserable loo @@
Cindy, haha lazyyy
Shirley, u should go swim!thanks yeaa
Issac, thanks Issac :D
Anonymous, thanks yea :P
Henry, i thought of doing that too :P
Yuh Jiun, uwahhh $$ fly arr :P
Miaw, yess, super diff eh.
Sycookies, so far so good :) thanks
amy, thanks yeaa :P
Joel, really? did u spot urself? haha if only u can recognise me :P
Charmaine, i knowww hahah but lazy :X
Sally, reallyy? thanks for ur advise :P
Mr Lonely, thankss
Meitzeu, thankss