Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things We Shouldn't Do After Meals

This trimester I have lots of assignments, which leads to lots of presentation. Out of 5 presentations, 1 of them is individual presentation, public speaking. We were given 4-5 min to speak about anything in our tutorial class. It freaked me out as I have stage fright. *even my period delayed for a long time. My mind was thinking, "how can i make it through?" I hate standing in front alone and speaks.

you can imagine how nervous I was. *ugly photo better not display too big la

after weeks of surveying, asking around my friends, finally i choose this topic "Things We Shouldn't Do After Meals"
We can find lots of food reviews on different blogs around the world, most people reads it every single day to find out where to get yummy foods. However, no one really concern about this topic, so I thought of sharing this in my blog :). Here are what i've got after searching on the net.

#1, We Shouldn't Eat Fruits After Meals
Yes, eating fruits is healthy but eating fruits right after meal is not. This is because eating fruits right after meals will cause your stomach to be filled with air. Your digestive system will not be working as they should too. Anyone wish to have tummy? No right? So we should only eat fruits an hour before and after meal or it would be even better if you have it in the morning on an empty stomach as the body can best use the nutrients and get the energy to start off your day.

#2, We Shouldn't Sleep After Meals
Eat then sleep. When most people is full, we will feel like throwing everything aside and have a good sleep. Do you know that food is fuel? Eating it and then resting will makes the body store it for later use, but if you do the same routine over and over, all you do is store and never use the reserves. So, Weight Gains! Plus, the food we take will not be able to digest properly. Thus will lead to gastric problems and infections in our intestine.

#3, We Shouldn't Bath After Meals
People nowadays prefer to have their meal outside as they are lazy to cook. Many of them will have the habit to bath right after they reach home after their meals to keep themselves clean. This is not good as bathing after meal will increase the amount of blood flow in hands and legs, thus decrease the amount of blood flow around the stomach. Therefore, this will weaken the digestive system in our stomach. It is better to bath after half an hour having ur meals.

#4, We Shouldn't Loosen Belt After Meals
Having the habit to loosen your belt after eating means that you have over eaten to a level that you are uncomfortable with the belt becoming a noose. You may feel comfortable loosening your belt but it means you may continue overeating. Loosening your belt is basically relaxing your abdominal muscles which means having a bulging belly in the long run. Instead if you tuck in your stomach, you contract your abdominal muscles and are training them to be taut and firm. So eat only to the extent that you can be comfortable without loosening your belt!

#5, We Shouldn't Drink Tea After Meal
Drinking tea and coffee helps us in reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease to putting off diabetes and providing anti-oxidants that will help your body fight aging. However, drinking tea and coffee after meals is not recommended by most nutritionists. Drinking Tea or coffee after meal makes it difficult for us to absorb iron. So drinking tea is bad especially for children and women who require iron and are generally iron deficient. It is preferable to drink tea only post at least an hour after meals.

#6, We Shouldn't Walk After Meals
Most people especially the elderly say that "walking 100steps after a meal will make them live until 99 years old." Studies have proven that this is totally not true! Walking immediately after meals will prevent your digestive system from absorbing the nutrients in the food. In fact, taking a 10min walk only 20-30min after your meals is a good way to burn energy or help you in sleeping faster and deeper.

#7, We Shouldn't Smoke After Meals
to be frank, i hate Smokers! But if you do, studies from experts proved that smoking a cigarette after a meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes, causing higher chances of cancer!!

back to the presentation, lecturer gave me good comment overall. In fact, an effective speaker. wooohooo *flying in the sky. xD. However, i am opposite as others cause people usually starts off without confidence and slowly gain it but i started off with confidence then lose it. :X.Never expect myself getting such good feedback from lecturer. I thought i did quite badly cause i can feel my whole hands, legs and even my voice were shivering.

Imma grateful to have supportive friends with me. They tried their best to comfort me and help me to gain confidence. I got too nervous till they were nervous too. *felt bad for it :S You know who you are! ;)

Hopefully those info above helps you! :)


Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Ahhh high 5! I also got stage fright de! Even singing k with strangers also will make my voice tremble!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful information
You did well in your presentation
Congratulations to you young lady
May you always be fine and dandy

Have a lovely week

mish berries said...

Lol I nearly puked my tea out cause I was JUST sipping tea when I read that <.> Thanks for the lovely information <3 And don't be nervous! Think of the audiences as watermelons! hahahaha


Sycookies said...

Great compilation. And don't worry about the stage fright....you'll deal with it one way or another.. :)

Evelyn`Wann said...

Hot tea after meal is my favourite!! I feel better after drinking tea, haha. hmmm maybe gotta minimise that...

Me too very tense to speak in the public when everyone stares at me!!

Adam said...

nice tips

Pop Champagne said...

oh wow. I've heard about the bath thing, I always feel groggy after a bath after I eat and now I know why! and ya apparaently sleeping after eating gains weight haha so I've heard. the tea one is interesting!

Maho said...

Woaah, good thing I struggled on this post because I'm much wiser now, haha. I did lots of those things people should not do right after their meals: I eat fruits, drink tea and sometimes take a walk!

Keep bloggin'
Lots of love, Maho


Huong @LLL said...

Great tips! :P I always drink tea and eat fruit after meals >O<

HenRy LeE said...

good tips but sometimes it's cultural habit that makes us forgo all that especially the fruits served in the chinese restaurant and when ppl ask u to go for a smoke after meal... it's tough cause those are some really good pleasure for those who does them

Constance Ant said...

arghhh i drink green tea after meal!

missyblurkit said...

Thanx for sharing!

I normally have my fruits before my meals. not an hour before unless fruits is my main breakfast for the day.

nice compromise said...

upps, I often drink tee after meals..

FeeQ said...

I always drank hot tea after my meal ;p

Ken said...

well you shouldn't be afraid since your command of english is very good

Henry Tan said...

very informative!
what about sitting down after meal?
thats what i do after lunch in office. >.<

Camy Lau said...

Charmaine, mine is quite bad le
Anonymous, thanksss :D
Mish berries,haha calm calmm. dont worry :D
Sycookies,sureee! :D
Evelyn.maybe after meal for a while?Adam, thanksss
Pop champagne, now u know :D
Maho, glad that it helps! :D
Huong, thankss
Henry, agree with what u said :D
Constance, slowly change the habit :D
missyblurkit, that's healthy! :D
nice compromise,Feeq better change ur habit! :D
Ken, thankss
Henry, butt bigger haha

Shelyn Ooi said...

Those things are what I do exactly after my meals esp bathe lol TT

HerYuan Lau said...

Shelyn, should stop doing it! :D

Anonymous said...

I want to know where you got your references.

I want to check if those are credible or not.
Your presentation could help my thesis topics.