Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You Can Do It!

Thanks to Evelyn who nominated me for Liebster Blog Award!
I was surprised when I was reading her blog and found myself was nominated. I never thought i will receive any award for my blog.

Liebster Blog rules are : 
1. Answer the giver’s Question
2. Choose Nominees 
2. Create 11 Questions for your Nominees

However, nominated bloggers are allowed to choose whether to accept or reject the award. If accept, just follow the rules as above. Pretty easy right? :D

Time to answer those Question given by Evelyn! cracked my head to answer them

1. Do you think female and male can be just friend and not anything more than that?
Yesss! I whole-heartedly believe that everyone can be close friend with opposite sex without anything more than that. I find that male's thinking is totally different as compared to female's. Sometimes I would prefer to get advise from male instead because I find that male are more carefree. Sometimes it's more easy to talk to male too! Their perspective of looking at things is different with female. I know most people will be afraid if they will fall in love for being too close. There must be a border for each other but if you crossed that, you will definitely disagree with me. Btw, i am glad that I have close male friend. :)

2.Which song best describe you and why?
*Can i change it to song I like most? It's easier to answer tho. So back to the question, The song best describe me for now is 只怕想家 by 黃美珍 which I had just blog about it in the previous post, Missing Home.Penang. At first i was excited to be away from home and looked forward to further my studies in other states. I always thought that I won't be homesick and I can be independent, survive outside myself peacefully. Now i really experienced it myself, things are not as simple as I thought. Most people out there are not innocent at all, so many of them are so realistic. I have to adapt to different environment and of course to get used to myself changing my personality depending on who I mix with. I just wish to get back home and be Daddy's Mummy's girl. Well, I am still grateful cause i have met few reliable friends that accompany me through ups and downs here.

3.If you are fully sponsored for plastic surgery, will you go for it? State your reason. 
No, i wont go for plastic surgery. I love being myself. Although I am not perfect nor pretty but I am satisfied with my look. I am happy with what my parents gave me especially my eyes. The awkward moment when you reach home and no one can recognize you even your parents, and I don't want this to happen on me! :O
back in form 5. i miss my smooth skin.

4.Should ladies have independent financial ability rather than depending on spouse?
Ladies must have independent financial ability!!! What if you divorce or break up with your boyf or husband? Life will be so much easier if you have independent financial ability. You don't need to rely and attach to your husband or boyf if your relationship having problems. You can just leave them without worrying about $$$. Not to curse but sometimes we just have to face the reality right? :X Besides, you can just buy whatever you like, go anywhere you love anytime without begging them to give you $$$ to achieve it. I personally think that it's essential for ladies to brush up their driving skills too! *no offence but I've met quite a numbers of my girl friends frame up their license after passing the driving test

5.If you are given a second chance, do you want to be male or female? Why?
I will still choose to be female. Female can wear high heels, can have long hair, wear pretty dresses, nice clothes, put on make up, and the list goes on and on.......... oh idk, just feels to be a female. :)

6.Will you go for a bungee jump or skywalking or skydiving?
Oh definitely! I Love adventurous outdoor activities! Roller Coasters are my all-time favourite! I have been telling my friends around that i must try bungee jumo, skywalking or skydiving, of course you will still see me shivering up there before I jump or walk or dive from the top. Maybe I will choose to let someone push me down so I got no chance to say no there? I doubt M'sia have those activities, never actually heard much about it.

7.How much does a family need to cover its daily expenses?
Inflation oh Inflation. They are non-stop happening around. I think a family needs at least RM5k per month to be able to cover their daily expenses especially for those who needs cars and houses. Things these days are getting more expensive, oh cars, houses, rice, petrol, food, daily needs....... Youngster nowadays definitely need to aim higher and work harder in order to bare their family expenses. *salary should keep increase also only fair ma* Die liao lo, no study hard=no high pay job=no awesome life after study. Should control myself not to be so playful in clas. :X

8. Can you cook?
Consider can ba. Simple dishes like fry egg, tasteless vege or maggi? Oh, just simply mix and match those vege around la. :P I still prefer Spaghetti among all dishes I cooked. My family are fans of Spaghetti I Cook! :D

9. Who do you admire the most? Why?
Wow, i think the last time i thought about this was back in primary school when teacher always ask us to prepare essay with this title. I need to squeeze my brain juice for this! So the person I admire most is my mom! Imma salute her that she has such pro multi-tasking skill. Even she works, she still need to take care of us. She always tried to give her best for us. and blah blah blah, goes on and on..... oh, i her.

10. Which country do you wish to visit the most? Have you been there?
Of course i wish to travel around the world, but the country i wish to visit the most is Japan! I am amazed with how they develop their country with awesome technology! Sadly, i never been there before :(.

11. Have you ever imagine any snowing scene on the street in Malaysia? 
No, maybe because I was taught since small that M'sia won't have snow :X

Finally I'm done answering all the 11 questions!
So here's the nominees :

  • Shelyn Ooi
  • Suki Ng
  • Hilary Khoo
  • Anne Lee
  • Hilda Teo
  • Nicole Chang
and here's my 11 Questions :
1. What is your greatest achievement so far? and why?
2. What motivates you to continue blogging until now?
3. How do you usually gets your inspiration to blog?
4. What you love most in yourself?
5. To love or to be loved?
6. What is your hobby besides blogging?
7. What is your favourite movie? and Why?
8. A flower or A present or $$?
9. Candy or Chocolate?
10. Who is your role model? and why?
11. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up? are you doing it now?

hope to get reply from you guys ! :D

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Shirley Tay said...

It's nice to go thru your answers & getting to know u better. Congrats on the award!

nicccchang said...

LOLLL!! What is this ar?

Suki said...

Camy Lau.. Seriously? O.o
Me lazy la.. hahah.. maybe later blog about it XPP

Evelyn`Wann said...

Haha...done reading and very enjoy!! =D

♥ HiLaRy said...

apa ini? xD
congrats anyways for the award
and yes! female and male can be friends xD

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Wow so long!!
It's good to know what you think though :)

Anne Lee said...

thanks for the nomination. wishing you all the best. :)

HenRy LeE said...

i wanna eat the food u cook! hahaha... congratz on the award :P

Camy Lau said...

Shirley, thanksss! hehe!
Nicccchang, u read and know lo
Suki, just do la
Evelyn, thankss :P
Hilary, hahahaha
Charmaine, at least something :)
Anne, sure! do it when u free yea!
Henry, u sure? haha

Sycookies said...

LOL....I enjoy reading this. =)

Camy Lau said...

sycookies, haha thanks :D

Maple Shuh Hong said...

I like the question u have been ask. Next time tag me in any tag game ar~~

HerYuan Lau said...

Maple, haha thanks sure sure! :D