Sunday, March 3, 2013

♥ Vault of Camy

So my tests ended after struggling for 1 week. 4tests in a week, Utar is insane! I just couldn't concentrate properly due to my fever during weekend before the week. Guess my results gonna be bad. hmm. I had my dinner with blogger Anne Lee and her boyf right after my test on Friday. First time meeting her, and they are very friendly! Then i did something crazy, midnight badminton from 11pm-1am. I still can't believe I actually did that, but it was awesome, especially after so long not doing any exercises(exclude cycling to school)!

Anyway, did you realise the difference in my blog? I've changed my blog title to ♥ Vault of Camy, a space for me to store my memories. Oh, cause i found that my previous blog title sounds lame. :X

FYI, i did a Facebook page for my blog. :D. Let me emphasis it again, a page not for me but for my blog. It's so much easier for me to stay connect with my readers, you can just pm me instead of email me, follow me there to get the latest updates! Gets on to my, hit a like and talk to me! :D

cause assignments drive us insane
A short update before I can write a proper post after i finish up my assignments. Time to rush for assignments!


Mr Lonely said...

that's great~ can eat dinner with another blogger~

Anonymous said...

May you pass each test
With flying colours
Wishing you the best
In all your endeavours

Nath said...

hey gal, some time no see you in the virtual world. All the best in your results. Hope to see you soon @ KL/Penang? :D

Merritt said...

I know how it feels when tests and assignments dues come all together within 2 weeks! All the best to you! ;)

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Yay!! Exams over!
Congratulations! ^_^

Evelyn`Wann said...

It's time to have a little rest after all the torture. haha

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

How's your luck these days? Has it changed for the better? Hope it has :)

How does your glow-in-the-dark charm & the necklace look like?

All the best for your assignments!

Best Regards

Leanne Lee said...

Time to chill after exam! :)

Camy Lau said...

Mr Lonely, yess! it was great!
Anonymous, thanks yea! appreciate it! :D
Nath, yeaaaa! am studying in Kampar UTar now!
Merritt, yea looo thankss :D
Charmaine! thankss :D
Evelyn, yeaaa! resting :D
Jcjx, err, my glow in the dark is a love shape pandent with a four cover leaves in it!
Leanne, yeaaa :D

Henry Tan said...

wow u meet up with Anne! haha a lot of bloggers just know from blogs but never meet up. especially we all from penang one. TT

Camy Lau said...

haha yea lo. luckily met u :D