Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's not easy after all!

gonna pour my feelings out!

the whole hectic trimester 3 which makes me half dead right now. Those moments when we thought some of the tests or assignments are done, then lecturers announce that there are still more to go.. It really drives us insane! I'm proud to tell that if they are not here with me, i can assure you, i will be completely dead!

We are from different states and with different cultural. Although we have been sticking together since trimester 1, we will still not used to each other habits, but we tried our best to tolerate, solved problems together. This happened especially when tones of assignments or presentation are still not done and our tests fall on the same week. Everyone will gets mang cang, pek cek, black face, or even bring M16 along shoot people like nobody business when lack of sleeps. That few weeks were so challenging and i learned alot from them about myself too!

These are for all my friends and especially for 3 of them.
I'd like to apologizes if sometimes/most of the time i made you guys pek cek due to my blurriness. My blurriness level are so high that at times, it's good for people but sometimes is not. I found some of my friends actually took this opportunity to make fun of me. Sometimes of course I will terasa but since its bringing people laughter, i am already used to it. I just dont wanna bother or sad over how they make fun of me. However, it's not good when everyone is busy and you are still blur with what's happening. Frankly speaking, I was totally shock when they gone pek cek. I really don't mean to be blur and I really dont want to be blur at times. I did get annoyed with how blur i can be but i just couldn't stop it from happening. I feel so sorry if it affects you guys. :(

Besides, I also like to apologizes if what i said did hurt you guys. I am talkative. I am very straight forward especially with closed friends. I rather choose to be honest to close friends about what I felt than hiding them. Somehow, it's not good thing when I'm am poor in language and I found that I speak too direct without constructing the sentence properly, which will leads to misunderstanding. Yes, i am annoyed with this too. Sometimes i will  unintentionally say things that I dont mean it or not with that particular meaning and i ended up hurt my friends. I really understand why when others terasa, no matter what you explain, they will still ignore. Sometimes i tried my best to explain after i realise but it's already too late. If i did, I really don't purposely wanna do it, I am sorry. 

If you couldn't stand me anymore, or whatever things you think i should know/ change, please let me know. I  won't mind and I'm really interested to know what people thinks about me.

To all my beloved friends, I am really glad that you guys still accept me and help me through even I have so many flaw and bad habits. Imma thank god that I have the chance to meet all of you :)

To Suki, Chiao Lyn, Xiao Han, thanks for making my life in foundation so fun + not so hard for tests and assignments. I definitely cant survive here if without you guys. Finally those heavy loads can throw away yesterday and left our ecs drama. Yea i know, you guys are excited to dress me for my character. @@

dont worry, imma not emo
felt so much better after pouring out form the bottom of my heart.


Anonymous said...

"A friend in need,
is a friend indeed"
Honesty is the best policy
Success be with you finally
Good habits must never end
Wrongs to be followed by amends
Wishing you a happy weekend
Sayonara to you my friend

Shirley Tay said...

Love your honesty & I'm sure your friends treasure u for that. Toast to your friendship! Have a wonderful weekend, Camy!

Xue Ren said...

i'm blurr and talkative too, so i und your feelings babe. good luck in ur studies k! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww dear. Don't be too stress up (:

Anonymous said...

Anyway.. Is xuan here :D

Ken said...

Jia You!

Suki said...

endAwwww <3

london's beauty said...

Awww such a cute bunch! :) I think your honesty is good <3

Camy Lau said...

Anonymous, thanks so much for it! :D
Shirley, hopefully :D
Xue Ren, all the best to u too!
Xuan, dont worry, am alright <3
Ken, thanksss! <3
Suki, teeeheeeee!
london's beauty, thanks alot!