Friday, February 22, 2013

Shoo, you bad lucks!

Life is like wood stacking blocks.
We have to go through obstacles in life to have a brighter future. Just like stacking blocks of wood, but we need to pick for a few times to pull out the right one and place it above to continue the game. Sometimes it may fall, but don't worry, we can always start all over again.

I've been having bad lucks since starting of my current trimester. Too much bad things keep happen on me that I'm afraid right now.

This started off with my bicycle which gave me problem, i had repair it twice but it still doesn't work well. I cycled to university and reached class sweating as if i had ran 5 rounds of UTAR, feeling really tired. I need 9 cows 2 tigers energy *direct translate of chinese quotes* to catch up with my friend's so called slow speed. For no reason, i was banged by a random guy cycling and it hurts my waist. Luckily a kind friend of mine lend me her bicycle since she is not using.

Came back from CNY, thinking everything will goes on smoothly, cause its a new year, but it seems so scary. For the first time i reached kampar,I found that i lost my hostel keys. Luckily i've got spare keys with me, but bicycle key need to get from friend that lend me bicycle, felt super guilty for it. Then when I wanted to print my lecture notes, which needs Microsoft Powerpoint to open those slides. Guess what?! My powerpoint are not functioning! It couldn't open! Oh gosh, friend help me to fix it at last, thinking that I couldn't get any bad lucks anymore. Then the next day, I dropped my phone when i wanted to off my alarm, and Piang, heart breaks as the glass of the phone breaks. That's my freaking new phone! I got no idea to say myself clumsy or unlucky. :X. On the following day, found my phone couldn't charge at all, and it's not the charger that goes wrong. Now the phone officially dead, dying there.

Again, thought that everything will be alright, it should comes to an end, all those bad lucks should gets away de. But it seems like not turning good. Today, I was forced to wake up due to stomachache. For the first time throughout these few months, I cycled to university, reaching university and home not sweating at all. In class, feeling like volcano during winter. Super cold outside but super hot outside at the same time. For the first time i dont eat breakfast and don't feel hungry at all. Until now, few breads for lunch and dinner only and i don't feel like eating anymore. Fever + sore throat. oh ;(.

so did your bad luckness actually beats me? :X. Any idea how to shoo it away? 4 tests for next week. How am i going to do that? :(
bad lucks please go away. imma prefer good one :D


DWei said...

We could all use a little more good luck in our lives. :P

Anonymous said...

May all the bad luck go away
Peace with you each coming day
May God bless you abundantly I pray
Good luck follows you all the way

Evelyn`Wann said...

Don't worry, bad luck goes and GOOD LUCK comes!! huat ahhhh

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

Bad luck really sucks right? :( I don't know how I could help you. So I tried to search for something sold in Malaysia, some sort of accessory that you could use as a good luck charm, and I found this one that you might like:

Why four leaf clover?

"The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the common, three-leaved clover. According to tradition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally." - Wikipedia

Good luck Camy!! :D Do update me if your luck has changed ok?

Best Regards

Ken said...

banged by a random guy?!?! That sounds so wrong!! LOL! Anyway, wish you all the best and my good luck will shield you from all your unlucky issues *wink*

Henry Tan said...

haha aiyooo my sis's bike kena curi lagi bad luck lo. haha

Shirley Tay said...

So sorry to hear that! Hope tmr will be a brighter day for u. xoxo

Camy Lau said...

Dwei, yessss!
Anonymous, thankssss! :D
Evely, thanks yea
jcjx, i've a glow in the dark charm, but the necklace broke into two long ago, still looking for the necklace for it le.
Ken, thanks yea
Henry, ur sis still need bicycle meh? my phone gone arrrr
Shirley, thanks yea :D