Monday, February 4, 2013

Genting Trip with Siao Kia

the best group photo in Genting :D

planned a Genting trip with the gang months ago. Those BJ monkeys. End up, i'm the one doing most of the planning job and lots of things happened and troubles before everything confirmed which makes me gets my nerves on. Glad that end up still have them to solve those problems with me, the plan works well and i think it was successful.

I swear, planning a trip is not easy, planning a trip for so many people is scary. Luckily ended up 8 person still manage to make it. I am kind of phobia of planning now, let me temporary retired from planning outings or trip for a while.  

It was totally a fun trip afterall. :D
imma let the photos do the talking, this post gonna be very long and full of our vain photos. Cause we decided to take photo of ourselves wherever we go.

Day 1 [18/1/2013]
#1. spammed Weng Yee's lappy with the webcam in the hotel.

#2. We are fast enough to change Weng Yee's profile picture in facebook when he was away to the loo!

 #3. Chee Yang were too hungry. Dinner at 9.30pm. :X

#4. Candid by Josephine. Eyes completely close. :D

#5. thumbs up. Everything is delicious when we are hungry.

#6 Weng Tatt and Nasrun lied to us that they didn't manage to catch the last bus up to genting at KL Sentral. Weng Yee uses a super lame reason to come back hotel room cause he thought that he wanna meet his bro and nasrun before us when they reached but we followed up. Totally surprised when they knock the hotel room door. *oh, photo without Wt cause he was in toilet :P

Day 2 [19/1/2013]
#1. MCD as our breakfast! :D From left, Nas, Weng Yee, Pak, Merv, Josephine, Chee Yang, Weng Tatt and Me!

#2. too dizzy cause we start off with tea cup!

#3. Before we get on go kart. oh look at merv :D oh drive

#5. Lining up for Corkscrew! 1st time for most of them :D

#6. oh. spot that sexy turn?

#7. Photobombed when the twins trying to vain :D

#8. after cockscrew. I'm sorry, i wasnt ready at all :X

#9. Time for pirate ship!

#10. at the top row!

#11. those at the opposite. 

#12. At The Old Town White Coffee for Lunch. Merv with his fav post. :X

#13. Pak looks so cute in the photo! :D

#14. Noted that, there are 7 of us + statue in the photo. Can u spot another one? HAHAHAHA

#15. No idea what they trying to do.

#16. the twins.
#17. This was closed :( imma emooo..

#18. Normal vs Abnormal?

#19. Top of the dinasour land.

#20. Challenge accepted for us. Corkscrew for 2nd time


#22. The couple in our trip :D. they didn't get on the second round!

#23. the 4 Ls'. Lau. Lee. Lim

#24. They said "let's learn Camy's post"

#25. Merv photobombed. success.

#26. Spot the weird one?

#27, 28. On the Sungai Rejang boat. Wet+Cold


#30. Soaking wet after the game

#31. Time for indoor game at night

#32. 1 person 2 seats.

#33. They think that they are very bright

#34. Pak in his very cute pyjamas!

#35. Emo??

#36. Chee Yang success in learning Merv's post.

#37. Ka boom :D

#38. Weeee

#39. the prove that we went in!

#40. Laugh Out Loud.

#41. Chee Yang studied Weng Yee's face before posting. He trying to look like Weng Yee. Failed

Day 3. [20/1/2013]
#1. Get back to Old Town White Coffee for brunch cause they think that the price for food there is one of the most reasonable one. Me and Josephine. The 2 girls :D

#2. Weng Yee. he need to go to matrics in Johor.

#3. Vainnnn.

#4. Group photo without Merv before leaving.

#5. Skyway then bus to back to Pudu.

#6. Chee Yang was too scare in the skyway. Cause halfway it stopped a while @@

#7. They say i look like the chicken little on my shirt :(

#8. the four of us that study at outstation! :D

#9. small to big. awesome wallpaper! :D

It's always awesome to have them around. Laughters all around and did lots of stupid, funny thing! Imma cant wait for another trip with them! Oh, need starts saving money! ;)


Razil Tahir said...

you guys are so cool, I always wanna overnight at genting...

Henry Tan said...

haha u reminded me my uni lifeee... can go genting anytime! >.<

Evelyn`Wann said...

The trip looks so fun!! So many of you in a trip it must be surely awesome...treasure the moment!! =D

Hilda Milda™ said...

You guys are really pro, can fit in so many of you in one photo! :P Definitely fun to go in a big gang but planning really can cause headache. I didn't get to play go kart and the rejang river one >.<

Kian Fai Koh said...

wah full of FUN! :D

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Gentingggg!! I love kid's bumper car hahaharedso 1757

domokun said...

So nice!! It had been years since I went genting themepark!!!XD

Camy Lau said...

Razil, yea! go ahead! its kind of cheap tho, not very exp
Henry, hahahaha i dont go anytime la >< need plan.
Evelyn, yesss! it was awesome!
Hilda,hahahaha. imma the photographer xp. hahahah agree! imma super headache! why didnt play? it was fun!
Kian Fai, yesssss!
Charmaine, hahaha i love bumper car! :D
Domokun, hahahah! go again!

chee yang said...

Lol..plan go redang!!jom