Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Penang Tour : Day 1 [Lim Jetty, Meet Fresh, Sip & Chew]

4 days before back to Kampar to start our new trimester, my Penang's friends in UTAR and I manage to make our Ipoh friend, Chiao Lyn to come Penang for a 3days 3nights Penang Tour. main purpose to hunt for penang food :D *don't count the last day cause it's the day we have to come back to kampar :(* Planned this tour months ago and we Penang Lang are more excited than her. She is too picky for food that we ended up plan for ourselves :X

She reached Penang on Thursday morning, 10/1/2013 waited for Xiao Han then we were going around without any clue of where to go until we officially stopped at Lim Jetty, our first stop.
I bet most of you are familiar with those Sir Name Jetty in Penang especially Chew Jetty. My friend stay at Lim Jetty there. Seriously, the place is so amazing with beautiful scenery, but nowadays only left old peoples there, youngster usually wouldn't want to stay at such kampung house anymore. Hopefully those place can remain, oh history.

Photos above are all taken at Lim Jetty. :D. Of beautiful Penang sky.

Next Stop, Meet Fresh at Paragon
black and white match.

not sure what's the name. *am not a fans of dessert :X

Xiao Han from Butterworth, Chiao Lyn from Ipoh and Le blogger from Penang :D

read the reviews of this cafe from other bloggers but just couldn't find it. :X
Sip & Chew Cafe. found it when we were going around the heritage town. Find them at 72, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, very near to Guan Yin Temple. A cozy cafe for your leisure time. Chilling, relaxing, gossiping. :D

oh, a list of dream place to go. :D

not forgetting the purpose we are there. Our Dinner - Bolognese Spaghetti. RM9
personally i think that the price is reasonable and it's delicious, loving the tomato taste spaghetti :D. hopefully it won't disappoint you. :)
if you love a simple quiet small place to chill with friends, here is definitely a good choice :D

my partner in Sem 2 :D

went home after dinner cause Xiao Han gotta go back help her parents.
stay tuned for the Penang Tour Day 2 :D


DWei said...

Looks like they make pretty decent food. :P

Natasha Ting said...

show more photos around! ><

Evelyn`Wann said...

Always wanted to visit the jetty but forever couldn't make it there. Most of the images at chew jetty are destroyed right? sad =(

Henry Tan said...

wow initially i was thinking.. wahh penang lang also need penang tour? haha then only know u actually brought ur frens around. haha

GenYong said...

Wow such a good tour guide. Bring them to different places besides Heritage Sites, so how was MeetFresh? The Sip and Chew spaghetti looks so delicious, where is the exact location? :D and your friends are leng lui! :)

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

Wow I really love the Jetty photo. Looks very beautiful! The photographer must have good skills too for it to be so nice! :P

Anyway, good luck for your new trimester. How long does a trimester last for (including holidays)? In Singapore, universities have semesters instead of trimesters, each being 6 months (usually 13 weeks of study + 2-3months of holidays)

Best Regards

Camy Lau said...

Dwei, yes yes! they did have nice food!
Natasha, sureeee! more post coming!
Evelyn, why couldn't make it? its right beside jetty. yea looo
Henry, hahahahah, not bad having penang tour also ma. sometimes u get to explore what u didnt know that penang has
GenYong, aww, thanksss! hahah. i dont really eat dessert so not sure abt meet fresh :X> yesss! should go try!
Jcjx, awwww, thanksss hahahahaha! oh. my course is pre-u short course, so sem braek is very short only. omggggg singapore has such long holidays. imma envy :(

Nick Chan said...

Your photos are really nice leh!!! Sip & Chew I feel OKOK only, next time can bring your friend go China House try tiramisu, price a bit high. Hehe.

Camy Lau said...

hahaha. not so bad la. price quite reasonable. ate there before de! haha. Chinahouse kindda exp :X thankssss