Monday, January 7, 2013

Jiao Sai & Post Cafe

It's such a weird thing that it's time for my friends to start their new semester but my trimester break just starts :X.

Luckily I still manage to kidnap my Xuan out to watch a movie and hunt for nice food. :P. Back on 3rd of Jan, dropped by Queensbay Mall to watch CZ12 after we had our dinner at her house. So we decided to search for Jiao Sai as our supper after movie :)

my Tom Yam Maggi Goreng tambah telur.
Very tasty maggi goreng :P. Fyi, Jiao Sai is Bird Shit in hokkien (新鸟鸟粪). It's the name of the place, and if not mistaken, the Jiao Sai stand for the egg that they fry which looks like bird shit. It's right opposite Yes Hotel, search for Yes Hotel in google map to get your way there. :)

Xuan's Maggi Goreng Tambah Telur.
told yea the egg looks like bird shit. It's RM6 something for normal one and RM4 something for small *sorry couldn't exactly remember the price of it* 

the cute girl followed me back and overnight together :P

mummy joined us to do silly face.

hoho. le specs :P *just little bit bigger :X

Her friend came over in the morning and wanted to join us to hang around too. But due to some emergency, she have to go back. :X. So noon plan cancelled. Her friend went back after that. :S

Le cute girl felt guilty and asked me out for dinner after settled her things. Had our dinner at Post Cafe. *finally can make a proper post about this cafe*

the blue, red, white theme :)

Interior of it. :D

the blogger :)

miss Xuanny

The dinner set was worth it. Comes along with mushroom soup, garlic bread, Ice lemon tea and ice cream :D. We waited for 15min and our food are here!

My Grilled Fish with 2 side dishes which are spaghetti and mashed potato. They are totally too delicious!

before we blah. :D

mata besarnyaaaa

the rain was too heavy that we couldn't get down from the car :X. Selca in car to wait for the proper time to get down.

take 1

take 2

i got no idea how i do this post. Couldn't do exact expression anymore :X

any idea which blog shop or where selling simple, cute, affordable phone case for galaxy note II? Imma thankful for your recommendation. :D


HenRy LeE said...

I haven's watch CZ12 :( Ohhh the mamak food looks good! Take care pretty girl! :)

Shirley Tay said...

Hey, u gals are young & pretty! That was a fun gathering :)

Adam said...

cool cafe

Evelyn`Wann said...

Haha was like 'are you serious' when I look at the name 'jiao sai', read through your words then only i very fun!!

Aki said...

wow.. ok, I'm going to penang this end of january.. gonna travel a bit to qb after this.. :D.. and your mum is so SPORTING!! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

First time seeing maggi goreng got tomyam flavour one! Gotta try next time, looks so yummy :D

• Stephanie C • said...

That movie was nice. lol,jiao sai as a place name,that's weird hahaha!

Anne Lee said...

you girls look really young and hippie!! I feel so old now.

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Wah a food post this time? I heard a different story regarding the name of Jiao Sai though haha

Xue Ren said...

the deco in Post Cafe really very POST! LOL! =P

Nick Chan said...

Jiao Sai is my favourite! Haven't get to try Post Cafe yet... Well, I'm gonna go try it when I go back Penang next time! =)

Henry Tan said...

oh gosh both i also never try before. =S

Camy Lau said...

Henry, go ahead! yesss, it is good! thanks :D
Shirley, thanksss! yea, it was really fun!
Adam, yeahhhH! post cafe :D
Evelyn, hahahahahhaha i know right, i bet lot of ppl think so de. :P
Aki, come come! go try all awesome food in penang!
Hilda, yessss! its super delicious! go try!
Stephanie, i love that place! oh its bird shit in hokkien :P
Anne, nono, u not old too! still young and pretty! :D
Charmaine, penang so many good food, must intro ma :D
XUe Ren, i know right, super post :P
Nick, go ahead! :D
Henry, time to try :P

Ken said...

never been to jiao sai before but just happen to know that only offer Maggi Mee.... not a fan of instant noodles lol