Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Brief Respite


A Brief Respite

The lone star twinkling, in the depth of the night.
Droplet of tear trickling, symbol of sadness shimmers with light.
The solace i'm seeking, why do you stay out of sight?
Its really hurting, to say that I feel alright.

Yet I am trying, to stay strong and fight.
For it marks the beginning, of the end of my plight.
I keep on striving, with all my might.
For soon comes riding, my destined white knight.

A reader wrote this for me for my previous To Be Free post although I never met him/her before, neither he/she post photos of him/herself before. Thanks :). I'm touched.

p/s:felt so happy that there are people actually reads my blog :D


missyblurkit said...

Sweet of your reader to write that for you.

Anne Lee said...

aw, that person must be really good in literature and very concerning.

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

Glad to see that you feel happy after reading the poem. :) I'll visit your blog often for this month. My exams just ended. All the best for your studies too!

Best Regards

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Awww such a nice reader <3

Henry Tan said...

lol wow your fans isit. XD

Camy said...

missyblurkit, yea lo. happy with it :)
Anne, i think so? haha
Jcjx, thanks for visiting! :D. enjoy after ur exam!
Charmaine, yea looo. :D
Henry, maybe? :P