Friday, November 2, 2012

Mummy's Day

I'm super duper extremely seriously terribly horribly very berry tired throughout these few weeks. I have 3 tests this week and assignments to pass up very soon, continue by another test on the coming monday. Gosh, Utar must be playing with us :(. I NEED HOLIDAY badly. thought that gonna have one week holiday except monday during deepavali week, somehow, lecturer just announced that class go on as usual. emo :(

back to my lovely hometown-Penang last weekend.

hohoho tom yam with ulcer. went all the way to butterworth, Raja Uda Joo Heng for Tom Yam Mee once i reach Penang with high schoolmates :D. been craving for this Raja Uda Tom Yam for very long. Sorry no photo of it cause i'm too excited to finish it and if i have a photo of it with me, for sure i'll luan to go there again and it's like killing me cause kampar dont have such nice food!

spent my whole friday with my family! it's been so long since we actually spend so much time with each other. Duck rice for lunch then to Queensbay Mall then back home watch Snow White and the Huntsman then went Western Food for dinner as mummy's pre-birthday celebration then Straits Quay to have a walk. :)

Happy Belated Mummy! xoxo

together-gather vain before we left :P

cause we are from the same factory that produce weird genes :O

finally chop off my long hair.
i wanted slightly shorter and layer, it ended up turns out boyish. D:
seriously considering to try short hair next time... should i?


Anne Lee said...

your mum looks very young leh.

Meitzeu said...

Short hair looks energetic!

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Aemy Nadira said...

u look great with both long & short hair ;)

Xue Ren said...

awww! lovely betul!! :D

Camy said...

Anne, thanksss :P
Meitzeu, hahahha agre with u! :P
aemy, thanks :D
XueRen, thanks yeaa :P