Monday, October 1, 2012

Bonding time with Family

it's been so long since we actually dress up smartly and attend formal dinner together.
bonding time with le family on Friday night at Equatorial Hotel :D
Dad's company annual dinner.
of nice place and yummy food.

sista and mummy.
of the fun picking dresses with them from our wardrobe.
missing them already. D:

my sleeping partner*sounds wrong* whenever i'm back in penang although we have our own room.
it's weird that we used to keep wishing to have our own room but after moving house and have our own room, we'll be in the same room almost every night when i'm back in penang.
she just miss me too much :P

the messy lines on the dress.
mummy's friend gave it.
it's hard to see me wear dress. :X

pretty night view from equatorial hotel. :)
opps, forget to take photos with those men.  
that night was awesome


Anne Lee said...

your mum is so sporting that she poses with you. my mum wouldn't.. at most she'll just stand stood. have a good time my fren.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

u r one beautiful girl! HAHA..go out more often and meet new guys! ^^ Hope u find ur love soon~

p/s wah ur mom so sporting yah!

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

wow everyone looks so formal in attire ;) nice time spent with family yah

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Camy said...

Anne, haha, my mom merajuk with me when i dont take photo with her. annoy your mom and take photo with you! :D
MsXeroz Nicole, hahaha thanksss. same to you too! :P my mom very friendly one
Fish, yesss. thanksss