Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lemonade Ai Yu Ping

I posted that i've made Lemonade Ai Yu Ping during my trimester break. Few days ago i received comment asking me to blog about how to make it. Since i am facing a topicless problem and i'm too bored, so imma gonna blog about it. My blog can be my recipe book for me too! Thanks June again for teaching me how to make it!

For your information, it's gonna have Lemon Tea taste :) Don't worry, it's gonna be super simple. 
Ingredient : Agar-agar, 3/4 Lemon(it's for more than 6-7 bowl), A Cup of Teh, honey/sugar, salt, ice, ice water and gas drink(7up and 100plus)

It's an Ai Yu Ping, of course you'll need jelly as your "Yu" and it's Lemon Tea flavour, so, First of all, prepare Tea flavour jelly. Prepare a cup of teh or you can just go to the kopitiam and buy a pack of Teh. Just follow the instruction of how to do jelly behind the agar-agar packing. *As for me, i dont really like tea, a little taste of it will do, so a cup of normal concentration teh is enough. I find the combination is very perfect when you drink the sour-ish Ai Yu Ping, and bite just a little bitter-ish jelly. If you want to have more taste of it, then prepare a more concentrated teh*

As waiting for the jelly to boil slowly, we can prepare other things too! Just don't forget to stir it *dont waste time :P* 
Prepare to kill those lemons D: . Please dont underestimate 4 lemons! They are more than enough to prepare lots of bowl. Please cut down the number of lemons if there are not much people to eat with you or else you have to eat it yourself for few days O.o

Secondly, cut a few slice of lemon then squeeze those leftover in a container. It's up to you whether you wanna cut those slice in it or not and squeeze it all in, I cut them in slices because i feel that when mix all thogether, the Ai Yu Ping will look much better if there are few slices of lemon in it. wth, just ignore Camy's weird theory :P

When it's done, it will looks very little, but try taste it, it's super sour. Add lot amount of Honey/Sugar. Cant tell the exact amount of it as different people has different preference, just taste a little of it to get your own perfect taste :). Then add just a little amount of salt. Small amount will do, a quarter of teaspoon will do.
Reach this step? Congrats, you'r left with even simpler steps.

Dont forget your jelly that you did at first! Pour them into a container and leave it in fridge to let it turn into solid. *drop a drop of the liquid on a spoon, if jelly is formed in a short while, it means that it's done.*

When the jelly is formed, cut them into cubes and put them in a HUGE container. Mix with the lemon juice that prepared just now. Add in lots lots lots of water, lots of ice cubes, then a tin of 100 plus or 7up(gas drink will makes it taste much better) andddd

It's doneeeee!
much simpler than expected right?? :D
dont forget to try it when you're free! *maybe it wont be that perfect for first time but dont worry, can improve on second time ;) dont give up!*
Tell me how's your outcome!


missyblurkit said...

that's a nice and refreshing treat. easy to do too!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Simple enough!! :D