Tuesday, September 18, 2012

End of my Trimester Break

continue of my previous post!
another half of my one week trimester break :)

the cute one phoned in the evening saying that her mock already over when i brought my snow white, and monkeys out to claim starwalk stuffs after their school on Wednesday.

she brought me for supper in Chinahouse. My first time there.
Tiramisu and banana chocolate drinks.
a super nice place for friends to have some talk, hang out and a nice place for couple to date.
Food there slightly expensive but super in Love with the environment there.

those crazy time together!

went out with her again on Saturday!
get my belated birthday present from her - Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt :)
then off to a charity food fair to spend off the RM60 her mom gave her.

Thursday, went out date with this pretty
never meet her ever since i came UTAR :( miss her so much.
she brought me to try Moo Cow since i've been craving for Tutti Frutti :X
walked around and talk all along with her at gurney plaza after that.

glad to hang out with her :)

made the Lemonade Ai Yu Ping all by myself :D on Friday *something that i'm proud of*
 thanks to June for teaching ;)
trimester examination result released right after i made it.
i've got 3.77! Super happy with it! Didn't expect at all! Family got super happy for me :)

had a day out with le dad, mom and bro on Sunday. *parents just phoned, i miss them :(

Sunday night, the snow white, monkey and the pig came sleepover in my house we gonna go for Starwalk on Monday morning :)
it's always fun to have them around. :D
talked until very late and ended up i couldn't sleep tight for the whole night :X
received a dress as super belated present from the snow white and monkey! hahaha! 

stick with these 3 for the whole journey.
Salute that the monkey can just talk, sing, play and bring us fun for the whole journey.

together with the giraffe! :D

off back to kampar after the Starwalk.
i'm extremely happy that get to meet and spend time with all those people i during my Sem break.
  those priceless moment........ :)

P/s: please let my  Second trimester to be better ♥


Aki said...

wow.. great U know how to enjoy yourself to the fullest.. ^_^.v..

Hilda Milda™ said...

Congrats on the excellent result :D Keep up the good work! Weeeee I love moo cow :9

nicccchang said...

aiyaaaa. i want try the tiramisu lee. heheheheh

GenYong said...

Congratulation to your good result and keep it up for the next semester! Well, you really enjoyed your holidays! :D

TheJessicat said...

yay starwalk! didnt wanna join cos no running allowed :P

jcjx said...

Hello Camy!

Yes, Garden By the Bay is a place to have fun! :) Got a lot of things to see and to take pictures! Congrats for your good results, and all the best for your next trimester. Jiayou! ^^

Best Regards

Camy said...

JCJX, hahahah i wish i can go singapore too! thansk alot