Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st Trimester Break

currently having my first trimester break. it's only one week. *why so short? :(. better than none la*  It seems like just yesterday that i was still unprepared to go UTAR. First semester over just like this, glad that i've met a gang of nice friends that can accept my weirdness and randomness so that i can survive till now. Most of them are from Penang too! Sadly, most of us will be separated in the next trimester. :( hope to get same class with you guys :O.

Friend came over and fetch me when i reached Penang on Friday. Bro was stuck in USM for his first week orientation that couldn't make it to fetch me :(. Went off to have lunch in Dave Deli and watched a very weird movie - The Cold Light Of Day, fight most of the time in the movie and it became boring ==

went and get my letter on Saturday. When i saw this logo my heart was sensing, definitely not a good sign. FYI, it's national service. I got it on Saturday and they ask me to register and go for it on the next day which is Sunday like wth O.o. My trimester break surprise. :O. The place they gave me wasn't a bad place anyway, Langkawi!

My Snow White and the Babi came to my place on Sunday evening which was real random plan. They just informed me they coming over like 15 minutes before. O.o. Had some talks with them and watched the sunset with them at my house awesome Balcony. Brought them to dinner and dropped them home. Although was short but super happy with it. :D gonna meet my snow white and some monkeys later on ^.^

My own made spaghetti! :D. Did it yesterday. Thanks to June for teaching me how to do spaghetti without using the prepared paste and with Tomato. Satisfied! Mummy and sister said that it was yummy! Although the taste not exactly like the one she did, but yeah, i can improve! ;). oh! can't wait to try to make Lemonade Ai Yu Ping in this week!

Clumsy as usual. Got myself 3 cuts in not even half of my 1week Trimester break. O.o 

 p/s: more activities  going on  from today! can't wait to see all my darlings!
pps: enjoy all i can :D


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

lol skipping NS? i've been there, it's a fun thing :)

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Natasha Ting said...

I'm in for 2013 and am so anxious for it to arrive! ;)

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Henry Tan said...

3 cuts? =S dont so clumsy ler! u wont want to get more scars!

LuPorTi said...

Wah, 3 cuts? That's lot. You need to be more careful.

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

It's been so long since I last commented. Sorry :( Hmm.. Looks like you had plenty of fun during your trimester break! When's your next holiday? There's this new Garden By The Bay scenic addition in Singapore. Do come and visit so that you could add some nice photographs to your collection! Take care, all the best for your next trimester!

Best Regards

Aki said...

you call that a cuts?? :p.. I only see small scratch on it.. :p.. jk.. :)..

Camy said...

Fish, err, i have to cause studying now :X
Natasha, woooo! all the best yea! enjoy! :D
Henry, yesssss. :X i got more scars back to kampar :X
LuPorTi, yup have to lo :X
jcjx, it's alright. understnad that u'r busy :D. woooo, Garden By THe Bay?? isit a place to play? :P.
Aki, but painful scratch :(