Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2# Collection - Insects Photos

2nd post of my collection :)
a moth.
and guess what? it was in my toilet. opps :P


Having wings to fly does not really mean freedom,
As we tend to stick to our ground silently,
Hoping to find something more,
In the place we already call home

p/s:really cant wait for raya holiday. #imisspenang


Suki said...

i miss my home too :((

Kian Fai Koh said...

wu liao ar u :P

by the way the pattern looks weird eh

looks like u :P

Xue Ren said...

wow! never see this type of moth before! LOL!

LuPorTi said...
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LuPorTi said...

You have the right photo with the right words.

And I like this very much, 'Having wings to fly does not really mean freedom'

missyblurkit said...

Good shots of the 2nd insect. Its pretty:D

Jerome令狐 said...


Camy said...

Suki, gahh u'r back!
Kian Fai, err kind of la :PP hahaha it's unique not weird :P
Xue Ren, really? kampar has alot!
LuPorti, thankss! i love that sentence too! thanks to my friend! :D
missyblurkit, thanks alot!
Jerome, thankssss

Alan said...

simple and nice :-)

Anne Lee said...

you can get many funny kinda insects in Kampar. expecialy during night time.

Camy said...

Alan, thanks :)
Anne, i know right. those that cant see in penang @.@