Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#1 Collection - Insects Photos

after weeks staying here and after long time considering it, i've decided to bring my baby DSLR here.
i'm afraid that it will become antique if i leave it in Penang since non of my family member will use it and i'll only go back Penang once or twice a month.
besides, the first few weeks in Kampar is really boring. thought of bringing it here to kill my boredom.
felt so bad after that cause i did not actually make use of it well when i brought it here and i really have no idea what to snap here besides sunset or the sky, which i always did in Penang.

and and, guess what? :D excatly a week ago, finally the dumb me have an idea to ensure my baby wont rot... *wink wink*
if u still remember, i'd mention in my previous post -  My First Week In Kampar that this is what welcome me on my first morning in Kampar, on the wall, because i did not close my window before i sleep *which i smartly thought it's not necessary to close*
Basically if i don't close the window, lots of insects actually will eventually fly in my room and accompany me to sleep at night and surprise me in the morning O.o. and Oh! I have extra work too! I need to help to clean up lots of little insects dead body below my lamp every single morning before going to school :X..

although i started to close my window at night after my first few days here, sometimes, there are still some insects will manage to get in my room. just like the beautiful dragonfly in the photo above!
those 2 photos above were taken with my phone. :)

yes! i'm gonna start my Collection of Insects Photos with my baby!!!
since there are some insects that fly in my room is quite pretty, so why not? :D
This first post of my collection is not taken with my baby but it's alright, i like those 2 photos still!! xD
oh don't worry, i don't own a macro lens, so i won't get too close up with those insects until can see their organs. Me no likey anyway :X

stay tune for more post of my collection :P i'll try not to miss a chance to snap more photos of them!


durianland said...

You should do macro shots. I believe you got the talent to do so.

Henry Tan said...

seeeee i told u! u can attract bugs. =p

LuPorTi said...

What's that green colour insect?

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Woah this is really scary le...
I will scared the insects fly into my mouth while sleeping LOL!

Camy said...

durianland, but i dont dare look at it hahah and dont have macro lens :X
Henry, goshh i dont want to T_T
LuPorTi, butterfly :)
Charmaine, hahahahaha goshhh. ur imagination so cute! dont scare me :X

LuPorTi said...

Wow! It's first time I see such butterfly.

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Nice shot ! =D

Alan said...

simple n nice

Camy said...

LuPorti, err quite special :P
Jayren, thanks yeaa :P
Alan, thanks too!