Sunday, July 8, 2012


oh how i miss penang's sky. :(
sorry for not updating for such a long time.
been busy trying my best to cope with my studies as i seriously don't get used to it cause i'm from science stream. Everything here is so new to me.
test and assignment to pass up going on almost everyweek here.
glad that i actually decided to go back penang often at the starting of the semester cause things going on and on since week 5 and i guess i can only relax after my semester.. :(
no no, i did not stress myself. no worries. i just take thing slowly so that i wont be breathless. :)
i just miss the time thinking of what to blog instead of thinking how to manage my time to study :X


jcjx said...

Hallo Camy!

Feels happy to see your new post! Good luck for your test and assignments. I got my new blog up! I dont know how to contact you except for leaving comments here, so I'll leave some message for you on my blog and not crowd up your comments-box here ok? :)

Best Regards

Xue Ren said...

hey camy! enjoy ur college life k? don't stress up urself! :)

Maxloon Ban Leong said...

Is ok, that is more important. Cheers! & get crazy? Perhaps like that will not make you felt so...^^

Henry Tan said...

hahaha is okay. i will still miss you. =p
good luck and all the best in ur studies! =D

Camy said...

Jcjx, thanks! will drop by when i'm free :D!
Xue Ren, thanks. dont worry, try not to :X
maxloon, thanks alot yea :D
Henry, hahahah thanks thanks i know u miss me :P. thanks yea