Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great great weekend :)

Ever since i come Kampar, I didn't really get to spend time with my friend and family.
Everytime have to spot for the week that got no assignment nor test then immediately plan to run back! Weekend in Kampar is boring and i miss my bed real badly! Mummy will be scolding me that isit i got too much money that keep travelling as each trip is around RM40-50, a little exp but what to do, i miss penang :(
Dont misunderstand, I dont go back every week. It's very tiring to travel back every week too. Reach penang at friday night around 9 or 10 and sunday 5pm have come back again. :X. 
Although i go back penang quite often but everytime will be busy preparing stuff as i'm still new in Kampar! *stuff in mini market here is real expensive :'(*

After few times going back and get what i need, finally, last week i'm free enough to spend my time with my darlings!!! ;)
This little girl drove me out on Saturday afternoon!
hanged out in Queensbay to find for heels for my presentation! *opps, i didnt exactly get all i need yet :X*
walked around the whole mall crapping all the time while finding for shoe! 
gosh, i miss her already, she is super cute! :(

Meet Pepero!
super super advance birthday present for her.

Had supper with my snow white on friday night with nas nas! thanks for accompanying me to drop my bro all the way to butterworth at super late night! >.<
she brought me to Bon Odori at Saturday night! My first time there!!
we were late, managed to reach there in time for the fireworks!!!!
i recorded it up as fireworks cheer me up, all the time :)
share with you guys as it's very beautiful and i spotted some LOVE shape fireworks.
*please click on the words, i tried to upload it in youtube or blogger but it failed, so instead, i upload in Facebook :)* 

accompanied mummy to tambun early in the morning on Sunday.
she and lil sis came over and slept with me for the 2 nights when i was back.
finally get to spend more time with mummy. she was busy in the previous weeks when i was back :(
imy, ily :)

blah blah...
the naughty little sis!
still the same her that make me feel like killing her sometimes but sometimes love her and sayang her much.
she will ask to vain with her but will never be serious in taking photo. pro-weird expression girl.

daddy, mummy brought me to get my all-time-favourite right before i came back to kampar! Laksaaaaaa!
oh my laksa with no vege :)
sadly got huge ulcer on that day that i could only have few mouth :(

and and this week i'm left here rotting. :(. suppose to study my account! oh noooooo!
the house seems so empty. most of the them went back to their hometown i bet?

you came back when i decided to let go.
and now i'm totally confused :(
tell me what should i do?


Alan said...

camy little camy...dun forget to study a :-), play hard study smart !!

Henry Tan said...

aiyo. didnt find me when u bacl. =p

Hilda Milda™ said...

At least you still get to go back often *envy*

Natasha Ting said...
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Natasha Ting said...

i'm sorry, I messed up the comment.
I was saying : true, kampar is boring as compared to penang. just deal with it and make the most out of it! :)


Evelyn`Wann said...

Back to hometown to gather with family and friends is always precious. Enjoy it!! By the way, nice photos!! =D

Camy said...

Alan, sure! thanks yea! :P
Henry, hahah my time to go back also not enought de :P
Hilda, yours is too far away :(
Natasha, it's alright!!! thanks yea! i'l try my best!
Evelyn, i know right! i love those moment! thanks yea

mfadhlan said...

Kampar got TESCO what? Kampar nanti mau naik jugak...banyak membangun, ada Universiti Tun Razak kan?

Camy said...

Tesco is not enough mfadlan. err thta want i not sure

Isabel said...

laksaaaaaaaaa <3