Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy W

i've been planning to get an android phone for quite sometimes ago.
firstly, cant deny that almost everyone is using such phone that can go on internet easier,
secondly, it's much easier to contact my family since i'm going away for studies :X. well, at least get to see them more through skype or lot more..
thirdly, my phone's memory card spoil. my photos and music were gone. :(. i tried to search for it but cant get anymore since they are using m2. been stuck music-less for months. :X

and weeks ago, my darling C510 was ki hiao-ing with me. the keypad no longer function well anymore. wanted to change phone long ago but x sampai hati until it officially dead. so, RIP my dearly. will miss you :(

after surveying around. i've decided to bring home this baby! Samsung Galaxy W!
that's the best i can get with my budget.

although the processor is not super fast, although its not as good as iphone *oh! 2 of this phone cant even get an iphone :X* but i still love it alot! :D
it just nice for me!
may you serve me long :D *oh my pocket went pokkai :X pay all by myself*


Mr Lonely said...

wuutt !! haha ~ how much ler the phone?

Rach said...

haha im eyeing on this phone too! what a coincident!

HenRy LeE said...

wah new phone! got android liaw so can download loads of free apps! :)

Anne Lee said...

it's a good smart phone, hope it serves you well. :)

Henry Tan said...

well atleast u are independent enough to buy urself. haha there are so many spoiled brat out there keep nagging parents for new phone. haha

nicccchang said...

hehehe. Good then! Can whatsapp. hehehehe.

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

whatsapp me and add me on instagram @ohfishiee XD

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Hilda Milda™ said...

Few of my friends bought this phone and it's quite good (:

Thristhan said...

I still prefer my iPhone4 :) But looks like a good phone anyways.

Karen90 said...

Oh, I can finally read your blog ald, miss your blog ^^

At first, congrats! NEW PHONE!!!!

Wow, pay by yourself, ya, sometimes, really need to wait the cellphone dead only get a new ones, hey, own money leh. "xam tong"

but, I still using my problematic Sony Ericsson W750. It just turn automatically sometimes, still boleh tahan. hahaha

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Looks like a lovely purchase but for the time being I am happy with my bb. I don't use much application so the bb works best for me. However I have seen some of friends who are using this Samsung Galaxy and they seem very happy with it.

Camy said...

Mr Lonely, errr. it's 899 :)
Rach, wooo! its not bad actually :)
Henry, yup yup weeee :D
Anne, yea hope so!
Henry, hahahahahhaha. enough enough
niccchang, yes yes :D
Fish, added you!
Hilda, yea. not bad :D
thirsthan, ahahha. iphone 4 cant compare with this
Karen, awww. come back more often :D yeaaa. true lo. sakit hati :X
Nava, yess i'm happy with it :D

Nafjan said...

hows the touch quality of this mobile ? like Galaxy pocket or galaxy ace ?