Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instagram for me!

photography is my all-time- hobby and this is my current addiction :X
have been using my dad's Iphone to play with instagram.
since i've got my new baby and just right before, instagram available for android user, for sure my baby do the job now :D oh! super right timing *wink wink
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here are some photos that i took :)

Lim Jetty, Penang!

oh the super cute monkey pendrive! me want!!

never forget to vain! opps :$ *in case you forget how the blogger looks like

eeric feel.

sunset from my house :)

the negative world.

last but my favourite of all!

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Aki said...

Oh I'll never forget the blogger face of course.. :p

nicccchang said...

I love instagram too! Very nice filter they have!

Henry Tan said...

wow i think what i dont have is the vain photo of myself!

Priscilla-Needsahug said...

I can't find instagram in Market :( so disappointing urgh :(

HouHouSek said...

i use to use instagram alot xD but i got bored at it already

JunFook said...

I love Instagram photos!

Xue Ren said...

too bad i don't have instagram :(

Karen90 said...

If I have smart phone, I sure follow you okay? how about you?

I really like your photography skill!

Latest: 22 years old [Happy Birthday]

missyblurkit said...

i need to download it for my HTC one x too...and will be sure to follow you then!

Jensen said...

Hello Camy

I chanced upon your blog while searching on Google. You really have amazing photography skills. Thanks for taking such beautiful photographs. You have a new follower now. Thats me.


Camy said...

Aki, haha. good then :D
Niccchang, agree with youuu! :D
Henry Tan, ahaha go vain!
Priscilla, wuu. sad thing :(
HouHouSek, haha i never get bored of photography ;)
JunFook, *hi5*
Xue Ren, go get :)
Karen, haha no prob :D remember find me! thanks :D

missyblurkit, thanks thanks :D
Jensen, aww. thanks alot!