Tuesday, February 14, 2012

still remember..


opps, it's Valentine and i don't mean to spoil those sweet couple's mood. I'm very sorry. But this songs is just so nice and kind of speak out my feelings. :X
Happy Valentine's Day ;)

it's valentine and your birthday. ouch, that's a sad thing


Aki said...

Happy V-day Camy.. ^_^.v..

LuPorTi said...

Happy V-day!!

Henry Tan said...

awwwwww! camy, why la emo? =(
cheer up kayyy!

Nath said...

Happy Valentine's Day <3 I remember this song pretty well ^_^

Xue Ren said...

Happy V day my dear!! I like the song too! :)

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

happy belated valentines :) i hope the true love will appear soon!

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Evelyn`Wann said...

Happy belated V-day to you^^ I like this song as well :)

Camy said...

Aki, you too :)
LuPorTi, same to you!
Henry, not emo la :D
Nath, nice right?
xue ren,*hi5(
Fish, thanks :D
Evelyn, sameee!