Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Life is unpredictable and indescribable.
We always notice what we never have,
Always forgetting to appreciate what we still have.

Problems should never be avoided, only dealt with.
Excuses always never settle things, only solutions will.
Hate can never cease fights, only love capable.
Pain will never exist when, only forgiveness available.

SkyQuote is a page that shares quotes and values. Aiming to seek for the happiness of others, cheer up others. We often feel lost when we meet any problems especially in Love or Life. The owner is willing to help everyone in a personal way like giving advises when you are down or help you to think of a way to solve it. :). At least a painful experience from love or life can be divided if being shared to another person.

Life goes on through plenty of pain
Yet what matters the most is you finish STRONG. 

Always remember, the world never complete without you. :)

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Henry Tan said...

WOW! true! I like the last quote the most! The world never complete without you! =DD

HouHouSek said...

nice quotes

Aki said...

Well, a new quote station then.. :D

Nava.K said...

Being strong is so important no what matter what we go through, from the bad to worse and the best too.

missyblurkit said...

Brilliantly said! "Problems should never be avoided, only dealt with."

Anne Lee said...

problems and obstacles are our big enemies.

Camy said...

Henry, i know right. :P
HouHouSek,yup :D
Aki,yeaaaa. go support! :D
Nava.k, agree! nice one! :P
missyblurkit, yea!
Anne, i like what u said!