Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lovely CNY 2012

This year CNY was slightly different :).
2 cars back to Seremban! which mean more FREEDOM! yay!
Bro asked to drop by Pavilion before back to Seremban and we met a super long dragon!
the dragon was just a sub-character.
Here's the main reason!
the car that appeared in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol!!!!!!
The Super Sexayyy BMW i8!!!!!
cant believe that it was right in front of me!
le back :)
Lou Sang with my dad's side family on 22th night :)
the overall food was just ok ok only and we didn't manage to finish them :X
a complete and nice family photo after so long :D
with my cousin-cousin sekalian, one niece and aunty :D

since got 2 cars, we came back earlier to mummy's side this year except for daddy!!
manage to reach on the third day of CNY and had lots of fun with them :)
silly face post! *grandma even join us! :P*
all with specs.

my little cousins be my model
i was super shocked when he came to me and said "jie jie, can you please take picture of me?" OMG! usually is super hard to actually play with him!
and started posing for me :P *i feel so proud of myself :P*
a drop there for his gf :P
a dead post at last :X
the pattern banyak banyak sister :D
she's super cute with her super voice that can make people totally lembut hati.
Luo Jie "what is this?"
Luo jie "owh i don't care! i bite you!" :P
my favourite shots!


Henry Tan said...

hahaha! silly face shot! its funny that your big family also crazy together with u! =p
yeahhh.. the last photo is nice with her shadow. got feeeeeeell~~ lol

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

the car is more attractive than the dragon at pavilion :P

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missyblurkit said...

you family is so cute. love the funny face ones. and you mum is so cool and かわい with her peace sign.

LuPorTi said...

The dragon is long and nice!

Shuwen said...

The car is MAD COOL. haha and aah the little girl is so adorable :D

Aki said...

the car is dammnn awesome!!.. more catchy than the dragon..

Camy said...

Henry, ahahahahaha! they are the one give idea for it! :D. yes! i love that feel!
Fish, yea!!!! LOL
Missyblurkit, i knowww. they are so funny with those ideas :D.
Luporti, yesss! :)
Shuwen, i know right? yes! she's super cute!
Aki, yesss! thanks :D

Nath said...

Happy Belated Chinese New Year, love your last pic ;)

Camy said...

Nath, you too! thanks! i lOve it too!

PYee Ng said...

<3 this post!!!!!!!