Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feel it With Your Heart

I love my job, not only because of the $$ *who doesn't like money*, but also because i get to meet different kinds of different people all around the world. I'm proud to tell that i'm lucky enough to have these priceless experiences that get to have some little chat with customers from everywhere and listen to their life experiences.

"I'm a driver", A random guy came to me and told me about how cool his job is being a "driver", how beautiful the earth is, how gangster he was and how he managed to keep himself survive studying oversea to be a "driver" of airplanes. From a bad kid to a part time wash plates youngster to get money for studies, and now a successful man that control huge airplanes all by himself with hundreds of passengers, been to lots of awesome places around the world, fly everywhere anytime. Although end up he did not buy anything, but it was a great Wow for me and i'm really thankful that he actually willing to share with me about his life experiences.

*point to the 2 ang mohS in the photo*. They are unique. I sold 2 cameras to them without talking. Yes, they are mute. They asked for a photo with me before they went. They were so proud to tell me where they from which made me got really surprised. The left one from Italy and the right one from Spain. Thanks to them, they reminded me that other than languages that we can speak, Sign language is a very important universal language. Although they can't speak, from the way they communicate, i thought they are from a same country and i felt that their friendship is real strong and close. They were super friendly although i had some hard time communicate with them by writing and making some funny action to show them *btw, they hardly understand english*. Meanwhile, for those that can speak, they don't appreciate with what they have, instead, they use the languages they know like a knife, keep hurting people with different languages, bad words and curse.

praise other people more instead of hurting! that's no harm right? :)


GenYong said...

Congratulation that you love your job so much! Not because of $$ ya! hahaha. Anyway, it's a good experience for working and perhaps can you recommend me some nice camera?? xD

Philip Khor said...

I assume you're working at Pixus? No surprise there! Nice photo anyway, as usual.

FiSh SzeHui said...

oh so you're a part time promoter? got any discount for me? :P

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Rascat said...

that's great to know how to communicate using sign lauguange :) thankful for what you learn ^U^

LuPorTi said...

Wow. You love your job. So good.

stella lee said...

whats your job dear?
Havin a job that you love is the most important thing for me! Otherwise u'd get bored easily and not motivated anymore

Good luck in your job! :D

Xue Ren said...

woah! gratz deary!! where are u working eh? :)


Nice article..I like it..from INDONESIA with PEACE.

Anne Lee said...

you're working at a camera shop?

Henry Tan said...

hmm yeah! we should be grateful that how fortunate we are!

Aki said...

True!! It's lucky for me to learn some sign language over the church under youth organization long time ago..

Camy said...

Gen Yong, ahahaha thanks! no prob! come find me when you want camera!
Philip, yuppp. the paper bag there already show. thanks :D
Fish, yupp. no prob if u come penang ^^
Rascat, yea i knowww. :)
LuPorti, yeaaa :P
stella, as promoter selling camera. excatly! that's true!
Xue Ren, thanks! err, pixus :)
Icah, thanks :)
Anne, yupp :) pixus.
Henry, agreee!
Aki, omg you learn sign language? that's cool!

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