Saturday, January 7, 2012

Copthorne Hotel Stay

14-15december 2011
had my First and Awesome Hotel Stay with 1 monkey and 1 snow white at Copthorne Orchid Hotel :D.

The snow white made me got up at 7.00am early in the morning. :X *come on, it's holidayyyy! i suppose to sleep longerrr*. followed her to the market to get our ingredient for steamboat! 
before we off to Copthorne Orchid Hotel, we dropped by at Traders Hotel for Education fair. *even think of studies before go play kay :P*

reached hotel! time to vain!!!!!
huge mirror in the room specially for us!
Hilary is too excited with her pillow!
somehow i just like this
me and snow white
another mirror in front of our bed! woo
crazy photos going on and on!

she got amuse with the bed. 
p/s: the bed was seriously HUGE!
Hilary will teach you how to do epic face expression!
wooooo. crazy time :D
the boss!
Hilary's Model agency
teaching you how to post with soy sauce and chicken stok!
her private changing place :D
had awesome steamboat at night!!! it was super delicious! yummy! *look at the residue in hilary's mouth! wooo*
us with COP! stand for Copthorne!
The next day. off to Sakae for Lunch then back home.

bringing the monkey and snow white out is always awesome.
cause we got snow white that will settle our food and organise it properly.
and we got the monkey to settle our game part. we had "drinking game" at night. cups of plain water going on and on. thanks to her and every of us keep go to the toilet at night!  
them alot! thanks for the days! i hope that we can still keep in touch always!


Hilda Milda™ said...

You guys cooked steamboat in the hotel? :P So fun!

GenYong said...

Wow Steamboat in the hotel? Mine one was cooked in the apartment! hahaha... not bad experience ya! Your friend Hilary really looks funny la! But yet she's so cute, my little cousin look at those photos and laughed non stop! hahaha =)

Nava.K said...

Steamboat in hotel???? wow, that sound like a whole load of fun and all the pics says it all.

Anne Lee said...

this reminds me of my teenage life.

LauraLeia said...

Hehehehe~ Best thing in hotel room: huge clear mirrors! :P

Camy said...

Hilda, yes yes! we bring all the utensil to the hotel! :X
GenYong, wooo! apartment or hotel still cool :P. yes! Hilary can be super crazy at times :P
Nava.K, yes yesss! :D
Anne,those are memories :D
Laura, trueeee! especially for girls :P