Monday, January 9, 2012

The Battery Store

Introducing you, 

At first when i saw my friends sharing around the page in facebook, i was thinking "Who's the owner that so weird!! Create a website to sell all kind of Batteries. =.=". Sounds lame but seriously that's what i was thinking. :S. Somehow, i found out that i was wrong when i saw people started sharing around those Cute Tee!!! 

The owner is only a 18 years old guy! *owh great! people already started doing business. I still goyang kaki enjoying my holiday :X*. He came out with 4 interesting design!  

The Original Batter Guy

BatteryGuy Like A Boss

BatteryGuy Low On Power

BatteryGuy Dead Flat
the price is very reasonable! One Tee for RM16 and Two for RM30 exclude postage fee.
you can start to place your order now at : (click on the words to link to those page)
Facebook Page
or straight away inbox the owner Darren Ooi
kindly suppose the young boy doing business ;)
i personally like those Tee! i still can't make out my mind to get which one. *owh noooo!*


Punk Chopsticks said...

WOW! That IS cheap hahaha. But a store dedicated to battery tees? it's cute and all but how long can this really last? Sounds pretty fad-ish to me xD

stella lee said...

wow! its pretty affordable and the design is really cuteeeee *___*

GenYong said...

promo promo! hahaha The Battery Guy Darren really a cool designer, he can design out a lot of cool stuffs! =)

Shi Min said...

hey so cool! and the price is clearly affordable. you bought any?

Camy said...

Punk Chopsticks! yes! worth it! err, it last this month end :)
Stella! yeaa! cute right? :D
GenYong, yes!
Shi Min, yes. i ordered one for myself :)