Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome August

Today it's >1st of August!
time flies real fast.
This month is my birthday month!
Muslims start fasting today!
it's Ghost Festival!
There's a holiday at the end of the month!
Hari Raya on the day after my Birthday!
then it's Merdeka!
1 more month to trial!
3 more months to SPM!
Gosh! yet i haven start studying! and i still dun have the study mood!
as conclusion, i shouldn't be here!


Allexz G. said...

You remind me ! SPM .. arhhh
almost forgot that . @@

Kian Fai said...

study hard lo~~~ :) u can do it

Mr.E said...

Go Go~ Study!! xD
All the best and good luck~~ =]

Hilda Milda™ said...

Seem like it's gonna be an eventful August, so many things going on :D All the best for trial and SPM, you can do it!

ken said...

wah so many things in 1 month.. wish u all the best :)

Mr Lonely said...

have fun in august ~

Stephanie Ee said...

Good luck in your coming tests =)

Queennie said...

Birthday month ! :D

AJ said...

Good Luck for ur SPM! i had mine 19 years ago..LoL

CleverMunkey ® said...

have a happy august ya camy! <3

EeSoon said...

all the best and prepare well~
preparation is very important. ^^
all the best to you~

Camy said...

Allexz G. ahahahhaha! calm down.
Kian Fai, Me.E, thanks!
Hilda, yeaaa. it's full of event =X. thanks!
ken, Mr Lonely,Stephanie, thanks!
Queennie, hehehe shhhh xP
AJ, ahaha. so long ago?
CleverMunkey, EeSoon, thanks! =D