Monday, July 18, 2011

The Birds

last month, a bird came a made a nest on the same plant same spot again!
this time, i'm afraid to go near it. instead, my dad get amused and went and see whenever he's back. =X
after weeks, tadaaaa =D
i'm phobia right now. i'm afraid that i will scare it away.
awwww. =)

after another week, it grew!!
even the nest cant fit in both of them.
they look super cute!
and they are staring at me =X
hehehehe! my artwork.

when i was snapping their photos, my dad was behind there, luan-ing me to snap more.
when i wanted to snap the bird behind, suddenly the trees vibrate a while.
after few seconds, the bird that i focusing was gone.
i was shocked =.=.
but i found one of them was on the roof! and realise that they just wanted how to fly.
it's looking at me!!! =D
the mami bird came. and showed them how to fly *i think so*
then three of them flew away.
luckily manage to snap the photos of them.
blame daddy for being so luan behind that scared them away =X


Stephanie Ee said...

Interesting. Nice pict btw :)

Camy said...

Stephanie, thanks =D

PYee Ng said...

omg, it is so nice to see the birds growing and then learning to fly! :)

Camy said...

Pyee Ng, yea! they'r cute!

Philip Khor said...

Good pics. Though the birds look as if they're sulking.

Camy said...

philip,ahahaha. thanks =D