Sunday, March 27, 2011

Champion of Life

saw a very small but very meaningful part in newspaper =)
simply translate in english to share =)


Highest state of Love : You don't remember him/her, but he will never forget you.
Highest state of Friendship : Although don't often contact, but always miss each other.
Highest State of Life : Cries when come, Smile when go.

you are PERFECT if you achieve that! :D


Philip Khor said...

More for relationships :) but nice one

kar xin said...

Nice One!! =D I like the 1st statement!

TOLANIC said...

Simple but nice! =)

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Camy said...

Kar Xin, everyone supporting relationship's one.
Tolanic =)

Mr Lonely said...

hehe, i come ler.. nice blog ya...

Camy said...

thanks =D