Thursday, October 7, 2010


*they look lyk their dad. =). just tat ppl say the left one looks like latest dad bt the right one looks like the younger version of the dad. xP*
grandma came back yesterday.
told me about how are them now. wat they did before.
awww. I miss them >.<
he was trying to drive us out. muahaha. ;P
last year CNY, he used to scare of my family.
u cant blame him. its was the first time we met him.
surprisingly tis year when we met him during CNY. he can play along wif us. let me carry him de *hearts; =)
the sister =)
the cute cute chubby chubby one.
when the dad bathing. and mom busing. my mom hugged the sis.
the bro was so scared tat my mom bring the sis away.
he came to my mom, holding his sister and do angry face.
when the mom came out wif the camera. he immdietely changed his face and smile to the camera.
super cute =)

he posted for me to. bt its blur. =(


Steven said...

Boss why you post your own pic? aww... so cute =P

Hilda Milda™ said...

awww, kids are so adorable!

Jamie Wong said...

i miss my friend's son now! haha~ he's 2 ><

toyolkiut said...

masa kecik2 dlu, TK pn isap puting gak..

Chuen said...

so cute!

yee said...

so adorable........*pinch pinch*

~J'@nn~ said...


bahyah said...

cute ! may i borrow ur cousins ? haahha

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

now thats cute! :D

SiMon Har said...

i can see a future race car driver XD

Camy said...

Steven, its not me. dun worry. i'll post mine soon xP

Hilda. excatly!!!

Jamie. go find him xP

Toyolkiut, errrrrr? sorry i dun understand malay short form.

chuen, yee, Joaenny. xPPP

Bahyah. no! xP

Ttm. heheheh.

simon, yeahh. becareful u noe xP