Wednesday, June 2, 2010


look! i painted my nail wif black colour. n it turns out colourful! it looks cool!!!

naughty finger followed the car door close. BANG!!! tis the result. great ryt?
i din cry! lot of ppl asked "so u cried?" i'm strong kay!!! *show muscle*
i couldn't write for few days = its not functioning for few days = its pain for few days
yeah.. it reali hurts alot.
my writing lyk kindy children's writing for few weeks kay. i'm proud of it. i shd be back to kindy n learn how to write :D
my writing was suck during exam n i couldn't do much work. D;
which means i can escape alot of work which i dun wanna do too ;P
1 month passed.. n now it still black. =(
i owe alot of teachers hw. hv to try to finish up all during holiday T_T

how to enjoy my holiday wif hw?

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