Tuesday, October 13, 2009


during the second when the pengawas allow us 2 go out from the exam room.
everyone has a smile =D on their face..
the whole block C was full of noise.
students talkin around. cheering. joking n even shouting..
before we came out... form 5 students ady standing outside their classroom at the opposite block n waiting 2 c our reaction. prefects were waiting outside every classroom 2 control the disiplin =S
as usual.. sum of the students were complaining bcos prefects dun allow us 2 go down until we queue up. ~!@#$%^&*

back 2 the topic.. PMR is officially over!!!! ITS OVER!!!!
i'm suppose 2 be lyk others~ cheer around, get high n excited..
i dunno y n i dun understand y i dun feel tat its special tat pmr is over nor the feeling to get high wif friends n do stupid stuff..
sumhow.. i juz hv a lil feeling of excited tat goin out wif Xuan n Mel in the afternoon n happy bcos no need 2 study anymore for the rest of tis year =S
the days be4~ i was wondering wat i gonna do n how i gonna feel during the second tat PMR is over..
keep on daydream of wat 2 do.. asking friends around for their ideas~
now i noe wat i feel n i'm weirdo~~

there is alot of chinese novels for me 2 read~
reunion of primary skool is coming up~
catch up movies in cinema~
n blog more~

P/s: updates of Bufday. 2day's outing n few more are coming up. i might edit the date of my posts 2 the same day of it happen. scroll down 2 the second post of my blog or more if u visit. =)

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