Friday, August 21, 2009


Happy 52th Merdeka!

theme: baju tradisional

look at how colourful it was~

n the teachers were blue =D

majlis perasmian *balloon weee i wan!!!*

Sara, me, Jodene =)

semangat!!! woo!

we r the outdated gang who wore 50th Merdeka t-shirt =X

the guys in tradisional clothes~


Hil. Michi

i noe i'm short =(

Weng Tatt! keep ur hand off!

yay! i'm tall! *for 1 day D=*


yes! finally he's short!!! *winks*


wee~ i lyk it <3>

i look blur =S

Bao Bei!!!! XP


Model of guys act lyk gurlz~ LOL!

blueks xD

Bao Bei again =)

JOJO~ +)

after skool~
straight went 2 hv a lil hair cut..
thiner my hair n cut my fringe~

no different?

U'r wrong! c properly!

now its obvious =D

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