Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monster Versus Aliens

On the Sunday~ went out wif my darling XUAN!

We watched MONSTERS vs ALIENS....
nice n funny movie =D
Derrick was such a lame Bf.. Booooooooooooo!!!!!

Hang around wif her..
went 2 hv Baskin Robbin ice-cream since tat day was 31 May.. 31% discount ma. =)
we walked around..
find for food around~ *we veri pro in makan mia xP*

n n n.. we vain 2~

we wore the same type of shirt~ *we din pakat ler*
Then we went 2 borders... 2 wait for Jin Wee!
woo~ Jin Wee came juz for her man! awwww... how sweet...
luckily when he came.. sumone save me out for nt being lamp post there xD
bt when the time finding for them.. i saw sumthing nt suppose 2 c.. *xuan~ sorry~ opps~ i cant c.. i cant c..xP*
wanna noe more abt them.. juz find me in msn! muaahaha.. well. i dun mind talk abt tat in my chatbox 2!! xP
bcos of them.. i join the other gang till be4 xuan's dad came 2 fetch us. >.<

[[xuan! u mux thx me 4 nt being lamp post wei! cheh.... xP owh yea.. u kenakan me in ur blog so now ur turn! xP]]

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