Saturday, June 13, 2009

17 Again

went out wif them last thurs *opps cant c hil*
be4 movie start. went 2 MCD. they haven hv lunch =.=

we watched 17 Again at 2.40..
nice movie.. so cool~
owh yea...
met xuan be4 movie..
she was wif Jin..
the most important is... She was wearing SKIRT!!!!!
Joannie : c... xuan so pilih kasih wan.. went out wif us never wear skirt bt Jin... haizzzzzzzzzz *disappointed at xuan*
hang around wif Nyee they all after movie.. had lot of laughter.

as usual~ pic in the toilet. LOL

Nyee's favourite.. Nt bad. bt blame hil n me.. i was lookin at the screen of Nat's phone. n Hil divided into 2..

in front of Bilabong. dun hv hil.. awww..

went 2 Border's starbucks.. Nat bought drink 2 share...
be4 goin home.. rush 2 hv few snap of pic.. tat's funny.
>> nat, Hil n me

Jo looks blur.. O.o

i lyk tis pic <3

last group pic.. Blame Nyee! y r u in half ne?

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