Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prefect Camp. Day 2

I'm back 2 blog abt Day 2 =) 25 April..
woke up at abt 4.30a.m *thx 2 the stupid frog who wake me up*
ate a bun from jia ying. then headed to the hall

for senaman pagi - Chicken Dance =.=

had a short assembly.

then they asked each group send one representative..
they were given one string.. n solve it..
watever. i dunno how 2 explain the game =.=

boring waiting there.......

next.. went hiking group by group..
when we reach the top..
sang Goreng Pisang..
tat's fun..
we hv 2 become mosquitoes' food at the same time.. STUPID!!!!

on the way down...

hv sum food n drinks.. then went up again for CABARAN!!

the pelatih..

explaining how 2 do the 1st cabaran..... *spot me??* xP
guys wan!! JUMP!!!

4 gurlz.... *nice post ainol!*

muahaha. the blur jodene n Fatini. the kp's gurlz. dun play play.=P

2nd cabaran.. hv 2 run over the bridge 2 pass.. *look at our tkp. gaya nia..*

Run gurlz!!!!

wee~ i'm running!!! xP. i jumped for the last step. if not i gonna fall =(

the 3rd Cabaran. tis for guys..

sori. no pic 4 gurlz. gurlz wan got support 2 go up mia.. xP

4th Cabaran!!

n jump down.. can feel lyk flying when jump down =D

the distance we hv 2 crossss.... its scary...
go jeanette our su! u go dhurga!!!

here i come =P

5th Cabaran - Monkey Bar.. Go Anik!!!!

Jia Ying Pass!!!!

i'm hanging~

tryin hard 2 move to the next wan..

Go Go Go!

owh no... my hand is slippery......

n i fall 2 the side... LOL! look properly.. everyone is laughing bcos i fall 2 the side bt nt water!!!! the onli lucky wan who fall 2 the side!!! LOL!
well.. even i din finish. still i did more than half! tat's nt easy 4 gurlz!!!! even lot of guys also fell!!!!!

awww.. felt tat i'm so lucky. xP

the 6th Cabaran. Jia Ying Pass again...

owh no! tis time i cant fall 2 the side =(

next try!!! thx jy for catched me tat i almost go backwards n fall in water again..=)

pity mariam.. she's goin backward...

7th Cabaran. go through the 2 holes. its easy lar..

8th Cabaran.. crawl ppl crawl...

the 9th Cabaran.. 12ft high! onli 3 ppl got 2 try bcos not enough time de..

one of the lucky one - Jia Ying.. Weng yee n Clarence got 2 try 2!!! JEALOUS!!!!

group pic be4 goin back~
when the time wanna go down.. suddenly my left hand muscle cramp.. GHHH!!
jia ying feed me by using one of the food when we hv our lunch.. Thx her lot wei...
hd a short while of assembly again be4 prepare 2 go back..
bath n all. then blah...

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