Saturday, May 30, 2009

Choir 09

well.. the choir comp was on 6th of May...
sry for the late post..
was bz studying for exam >.<
venue : Dewan Sri Pinang... as usual...
our group is the 13th group 2 perform out of 19 group..
here's the pic of sum of the group..


No idea...


no idea.. bt their uni looks kidda nice..


Phor Tay??? guess so..

so-called AirAsia group.... no my idea.... dun blame me >.<
break time~
me n Yolande
in the hall~ JEZZ was the photographer.. thx *jezz keep on luan tat his name nt in my blog... so jezz.. happi now? ahaha*
the guys~

look at jeanette!! so cute!! LOL!

tis more better.. *ignore our uniform. i noe tat sux*
meet Ying Chen n Jia Xuan there...
Ying Chen was the pianist for CLHS n Jia Xuan wakil PCGHS..

Result time~
Heng Ee gt 1st as usual....
PCGHS gt 2nd...
CLHS wif the Lion King song~ wow~

then off by the GREEN bus..
one day after..
i got the news tat we got number 6!!!
OMG!!!! cant believe it man!!!!
watch the video here.. *click on the title*..

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