Tuesday, March 31, 2009

nth much

p/s: i may be changing my blog link 2 c_a_m_y.blogspot.com after my blog 1 year old birthday. xD

hey ppl!
miss me?
so.. do u support Earth Hour??? hmm..
the house was half dark half bright..
cant blame me. bcos my grandma din support.. lolx..
cheng beng juz as usual.. nth special of cuz.. LOL?
tis whole week hv 2 stay back.. damn tired..
haiz. pity me...
hv 2 kawad for prefect on sport's day. choral speakin practise. skool xtra class. hv 2 pass up sej folio.
got so mad at my friend bcos of my sej folio.. *i din noe she's tat bad.. haiz*
looking foward for 2moro choral speakin competition at SMJK(C) Chung Hwa! *prays hard tat we can win! yes! we can do it! hope so*
gonna be CAMILLE for 1 day.. wee~


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