Sunday, March 22, 2009

End Of 1st Holiday

2day is the last day of holiday..

haiz.... so fast.. its over de..
bt nvm..
tis holiday lyk nth wan.. so dun care.. xD
gt 2 c friends 2moro de.. YAY!
wonder wat i did tis holiday!

1st Sat

1st Sunday
sleep sleep sleep..
damn tired bcos of campfire! =D

choral speaking practise in the morning..
straight went 2 wei yi's house after chorol speaking...
i din walk back home. instead i walked 2 Wei Yi's house wif her..
i hv 2 admit tat i scare the feeling when alone.. =S
mom came n fetched me at 12 sumthing abt 1..
at nitex.. ttn..

went 2 skool for choral speakin practise..
then do nth 4 the ress of the time..

again choral speakin practise in skool..
abt 12.45.. went 2 Jodene's house for Sej folio..
Weng Sim n Zoe 2.. xD
gossip there.. went down buy laksa.. bcos we finish it veri fast.. *actually haven finish lar. juz finish wat we hv 2 do on tat day.*
went home abt 7.

No more Choral Speakin practise! YaY!
went 2 QB wif Xuan n her bro!
meet up wif Wei Yi, Gaik Sim, hansel n his friends be4 Xuan reach..
watched HOTEL FOR DOGS..

reali admire them tat they can juz do watever they like n they r so brave 2 face all the prob! ^^
the dogs were cute 2!
especially.. Romeo n Juliet! LOL!
me n xuan bought same earrings at Vince n Co! yay! xP
abt 6 sumthing..
her mom came..
after buying sum clothes for her bro..
then i folowed her back..
after abt half n hour.. mom came.. so blah..

do nth n sms the whole day =)

went 2 Sir Tian Hong's House for campfire final meeting..
then straight went 2 QB wif Wei yi. Gaik Sim. Cheryll. Li Ying. Lai Sin. Meredy. Caryn. Lam. Siong. n Lam n Siong's friend..
its fun 4 sum times..
juz hang around.. no movie..
Sushi for lunch at Sakae.. xD

n n N N N .. 2day..
nth much.. xD

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